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ICYMI through March 25, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 03/28/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Basketball fans know when spring really starts: the day the March Madness brackets get released. That jubilation only lasts until the first two or three games are finished and the first major upset happens. Poof! There goes your bracket! For many, that was when No. 13 seed UC Irvine upset No. 4 seed Kansas State. Yes, spring smells like the anguish of broken brackets. Now let’s peruse the missed IoT news, where the only thing upset is the boring status quo.

Legal and security news

Hackers eye the factory floor,” may not seem a surprising IoT headline. But in Roll Call, a political magazine? Seems like everyone can spell I-O-T nowadays.

Any question the IoT is fully mainstreamed? When a former CIA Director talks IoT in Oklahoma at the University of Tulsa, there’s not much more stream to get mained. Spoiler alert: IoT can be used against us.

More IoT mainstream evidence? Over 400 percent more patent litigation on IoT filings from 2017 to 2018.

Need another example? Not really, but here’s one anyway. The Mirai malware that turned infected IoT devices into DDoS machines is back with a new mutation that targets LG Supersign TVs among other devices, says Palo Alto Networks.

Jennifer King is the director of consumer privacy in the Center for Internet and Society at the Stanford Law School. She gives her thoughts on IoT and privacy and more in

Happier IoT news

RFID Journal has long been focused on asset tracking. But this “Five Unusual Items Tracked by the IoT” is pretty fun. Ice cream, anyone?

The Vancouver Sun writes about IoT being used to improve public safety and keep folks from being trapped in Canadian elevators.

Won’t it be great when IoT reduces traffic congestion? Sure, but despite self-driving cars and Smart Cities projects, MachineDesign lists “3 Critical Challenges to Integrating IoT with Traffic Networks.”

iDrop News discusses Apple’s latest patents and it looks like Tim Cook and company have some IoT device-to-device networking tricks in development.

Zacks Research outlines three IoT stocks to buy, although no one can claim HPE and Cisco are primarily IoT companies. But if their IoT business gets Wall Street excited, that’s great.

Maybe the “T” in IoT should be for “Tiny” since IoT sensors are getting small enough to fall into the “smart dust” category, at least in the research lab.

The IoT is playing a big part in water management. Smart Energy International outlined some uses for IoT on World Water Day.

Health Data Management lists its “9 top Internet of Things trends for 2019.”

Wrapping up, Forbes Magazine provides another good IoT overview for execs about the value of IoT for businesses. Check out “Smart IoT Investments In Little Things Lead To Big Payoffs.”