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ICYMI Through March 23, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 03/30/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Welcome to Spring: The Sequel, with a winter storm blowing into the Northeast to help keep people at a social distance of at least one show shovel. Remember all those times you pleaded for a snow day so you could stay home from school? Channel that feeling as you relax and read some IoT newsbits that snuck by last week.

Cleaning, once a chore, has become critical in the last few weeks. Visionstate, of Edmonton, just shipped its first Wanda Quick Touch IoT buttons to hospitals. The battery-powered buttons connect via an LTE-M network. One quick button press sends an alert to trigger cleaning or maintenance services.

The Motley Fool lists some “jaw-dropping” facts about IoT for their investors. Could IoT be a bright spot in a dark market stretch? Fingers crossed.

Ars Technica includes several vendors with IoT equipment being exploited by a variety of DDoS botnets. Time to upgrade? Always.

Turnabout’s fair play, right? BBC Russia (you’ll need translation) described how Digital Revolution, a firm that hacks the hackers, uncovered a new IoT cyber-attack plot.

RFID Journal explains why “digital thread” has become so important in industrial IoT applications. Hint: it links the eight different stages of the manufacturing lifecycle: design, test, make, QA, deliver, operate, service, and return.

The tech biz often lets hype run a little wild. In MediaPost, author Chuck Martin explains why he believes IoT in the real world is catching up to the hype.

IoT mutates to conform to different situations. Are you ready for the Internet of Underwater Things? Studies are underway.

A LinkedIn article from Dimitrios Spiliopoulos details how a mature IoT ecosystem would help in a coronavirus situation. Yes, anti-theft IoT devices for toilet paper are included.

Announced at a virtual booth at a virtual ISC West 2020 last week, edge manufacturer Lanner Electronics teamed up with Gorilla Technology, both in Taipei, to launch a new Secure Edge AI solution for a real-time video analytics and IoT security platform.

Nokia’s WING (Worldwide Internet of Things Network Grid) managed service now offers 5G. Test cases are underway in the Dallas 5G WING lab.

FinancialBuzz lists a variety of companies creating wearable medical devices. Some are out and some are coming soon, so medical IoT folks now have more options.

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This S.O.S. enabled GPS tracker was designed for wildlife tracking and a personal S.O.S. alert. Now you can build your own.