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ICYMI Through March 18, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 03/25/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Now that we’re officially into spring and caught up to being “sprung forward” an hour, don’t you feel rejuvenated? Or are you still fighting the snow and ice across much of the north? And could someone put the rivers back where they belong? Images of people water skiing in downtown streets throughout the Midwest really distract us from keeping up with IoT news, so let’s catch up. And check out these agencies providing flood relief and help if you can.

Good news for IoT

Everyone needs insurance, and the insurance industry really needs IoT. Compelo Insurance talks about “key trends that could shape the future of insurance.” Another of their articles outlines how some IoT devices “are reducing insurance claims.”

OneWeb, a space startup launching micro-satellites to support 5G and IoT to every location in the world, just raised another $1.25 billion dollars.

Forbes provides a good overview of IoT for smaller companies in “Five Ways You Should Be Incorporating IoT In Your Small Business.”

Forbes also describes how three cities are “going green because it costs less,” thanks to IoT.

Capgemini has a free research report on “Unlocking the business value of Industrial IoT.” Page 4 details how only 37 percent of companies have a “full scale implementation” of IIoT. Looks like most companies still need help.

IoT news that’s less good

It’s a shame when technology is put to evil purposes. OK, maybe not evil, but aggravating. The next step beyond red-light cameras is under consideration in New Jersey: “smart” parking meters that issue tickets immediately when time expires based on the license plate of the offending car. Cities can opt for a grace period of five minutes or more before issuing the ticket.

Something cities could be doing with IoT instead: “Tracking air pollution with the internet of things.”

Speaking of aggravating, Lifehacker offers solutions on “How to Stop Your Roommates From Messing With Your Amazon Echo.” Reminds me of the time we got our son a Furby and his cousins tried to teach it dirty words. provides our “IoT security sucks” example this time with an interview with Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners.

Never fear, however, since Congress will save us with the recently introduced “Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvements Act of 2019,” as described by Legaltech news. And the recently submitted U.S. budget requests $11 billion for cyber-operations, according to Most of that, $9.6 billion, goes to the Department of Defense.

Project of the week

The IoT project for this week from our friends at is “Predictive Maintenance of Rotating Machines Using Vibration.” If your customers have machines, this will allow them to monitor for degradation for maintenance before it breaks down. Handy.