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ICYMI through March 16, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 03/23/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

This spring (which officially starts on March 19) has bloomed into a new world, one that’s much more productive. Those March Madness pools? Gone. Major League Baseball opening day? Gone. Toilet paper? Gone. At least we still have Netflix and chill. And plenty of time to catch up on some IoT newsbits we missed.

Microsoft aims the IoT Signals report at the energy sector. Turns out 63% of utilities use IoT to save money. One way they do it? 57% use it to reduce human error.

Have you considered convenience stores as IoT client prospects? Talking Retail discusses the impact of IoT on them. How about cutting pilfering by 25%? And monitoring rodent traps? U.K.-focused, but rats are everywhere.

We’ve heard that IPv4 addresses are running out for over a decade. But the Federal News Network believes IPv6 address space will be needed to properly handle IoT.

Healthcare facilities are pushing past IT into the world of IoT to better care for patients. Suddenly that seems more important. And one clever tool? The TV that’s in every room.

How about another good overview of IoT security for businesses? A little work up front, like using a password manager to manage IoT devices, pays off big down the road.

Voting machines are IoT devices, so GCN outlines how “Internet of Things could be an unseen threat to elections.”

Hello to SensorPrints from Monnit, an end-to-end IoT data authentication platform for low-power wireless sensors. Gives each IoT device a “fingerprint.”

Ever wonder if Fitbits could track disease spread, like the latest virus? That’s the question answered by a February 2020 article in The Lancet that used 65 million data bits from 200,000 de-identified Fitbit users. Turns out the answer is yes since a wearable can tell when you get sick. Newer wearables will be able to tell even more, like how often you cough.

Workplace safety in areas such as mining and railroads remains dicey. Security Informed shows how IoT sensors are making workplaces safer.

Yet another article on how the world of HVAC needs and is embracing IoT. Spring in the south means air conditioners need to be in good working order.

Bummed your yacht isn’t properly loaded with IoT devices? Cheer up! Yachting World outline new IoT devices and apps for your next long cruise.

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