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ICYMI Through March 15, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 03/22/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

We all sprang forward this past Sunday (except for those who used that as an excuse to miss the Monday morning Zoom staff meeting), and today is the Ides of March, so watch your back. And if this is the first time you heard that song, find somebody with gray hair and play it for them. Get your phone ready to video, because they’ll start chair dancing, and you’ll have some great blackmail footage.

Avnet’s IoT Connect Partner program signed a big partner in the Pacific area, with a home office in Singapore.

The World Economic Forum offers another IoT article, this time on, “4 key areas where AI and IoT are being combined.” They include AIoT, the mashup of AI and IoT.

Good subject for you? Keep going with, “AI and IoT – A Blend in Future Technologies.”

Who knew IoT was big in controlling fires? The Fire Industry Association, according to IFSEC GLOBAL.

Senet and Murata signed a deal to run Murata’s Firmware Updates Over-the-Air (FUOTA) on Senet’s LoRaWAN networks.

Geeky Gadgets has a nice intro article on the NetSoM family of open source, System on a Module (SoM) cores and dev boards. Grab that soldering iron and get busy.

This article on Medium offers an IoT overview from an academic perspective. Could be a useful resource for “that” potential client.

More legal experts are weighing in on the Cybersecurity Law, including this from the National Law Review that includes a paragraph on contractor compliance.

Like to walk? Stay alert, because sidewalk robots are becoming more and more numerous, and while vendors promise they won’t run you over, we all know how this is going to work.

Scotland’s Highland Council started a project to reduce costs and carbon emissions from council buildings with IoT. No clue if this project will address the hot air generated during council meetings.

Monitoring temperatures of food enclosures kicked off the IoT revolution in food services. This article from Food Safety Tech discusses using IoT to keep your restaurant clean and safe. And grocery stores are adopting IoT to prevent food spoilage.

VentureBeat talks about edge computing and Public Infrastructure Network Node (PINN) as an open standard supporting 5G, edge computing, radar, lidar, enhanced GPS, and more.

Yeah, we have to mention the Verkada camera hack.

A French construction company has a short case study on using IoT to manage 20,000 pieces of equipment in real time, courtesy of Global Construction Review.

We don’t need Dr. Wayne Wenowdis to tell us the manufacturing sector leads the way in Industrial IoT.

Another take on “future outlook of IoT technologies and applications,” this time from TechTalks.

AFCEA.ORG analyzes four roadblocks that interfere with monitoring IoT devices.

From our friends at

Just because COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out doesn’t mean other diseases are in retreat. Here’s a way inexpensive devices can help with pneumonia classification and detection.