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ICYMI through March 14, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 03/21/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

We now have an example of someone guaranteed to lose a fortune faster than buying cryptocurrency from a guy in a pickup on the side of the road. The last football Tom Brady threw for a touchdown cost the auction winner $518,628 this past Saturday. The next day, Tom, aged 44, decided 40 days at home with the wife and kids was enough and announced his return to Tampa Bay for at least one more season. The first touchdown Tom throws shrinks $518,628 down to about $200. Is there anyone in the world hoping Tom fails more than the auction winner?

You have until 2025 to save up for the planned BMW with Level 3 autonomous driving powered by Qualcomm (system on a chip) and Arriver (vision technology).

Ericsson won the contract from Etisalat Misr to modernize its Business Support System in Egypt. Improvements include data and Voice-over-LTE growth, but more important for our Egyptian readers, 5G readiness and more IoT support.

This week’s “What is IoT” article comes from Rogersville, Tenn., and includes the slogan of the day: “Being connected is awesome.”

NVIDIA invested $10 million in Uber spinout Serve Robotics to help expand the robot delivery service. It seems NVIDIA already has plenty of skin, er, chips in the game as a long-time partner.

McKinsey & Company declares, “IoT comes of age” in this transcript of The McKinsey Podcast.

Here’s a more detailed update on the inexorable march of Industrial IoT toward the overhyped Industry 4.0, or Fourth Industrial Revolution.

And now an update on how the 5G rollout is going in regard to IoT and enhanced connectivity and speeds. By the end of the year, the article says, more than half the country will have 5G coverage from at least one major carrier.

The European IIoT market, worth about $77 billion in 2020, should hit almost $111 billion in 2025.

Two groups helping to increase IIoT market value in Europe are Zozio’s AI-powered predictive logistics connecting over Actility LPWAN industrial-grade networks to monitor tanks in perfume factories.

One way to address the problem of replacing batteries in IoT devices is to not have any. Hence this update on energy harvesting for IoT devices from Asian Scientist.

Two major airports in Houston (George Bush and Hobby) turned loose a herd of smart robots from Build With Robots to disinfect the environment every evening. Look for a Breezy One robot your next time through Houston.

Security is a journey, not a destination, and this trip is all about seven vulnerabilities in medical IoT devices compromising hundreds of thousands of devices.

From our friends at

You can tailor text messaging, pre-recorded audio messages, and control over lights to help support and communicate with autistic individuals.