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ICYMI through March 11, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 03/14/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Still yawning from losing that hour of sleep Sunday? Feeling rushed? Even though spring doesn’t officially start until March 20 (a day earlier than usual, another reason for feeling squeezed for time), setting the clocks forward seems to announce spring. That and tornados in the south and southeast distracting us from snow and ice in the northern sections. And speaking of distractions, we missed some IoT news, so let’s catch up.

Smart people and Smart Cities

Forbes has a nice story about IoT in Philadelphia, and how one smart person in city government can advance Smart Cities programs.

Delta Electronics (industrial automation and much more) just signed a deal to acquire Amerlux, LLC (LED lighting) for $90 million. Another play to improve smart cities and buildings.

Security and more

Sierra Monitor Corporation and Bosch U.S. made a deal to integrate SMC’s ProtoAir, a cloud and protocol gateway customized for manufacturers, into commercial boilers from Bosch. Makes it easier to tie into modern building management systems.

Speaking of IIoT, the developer of CrateDB,, released an application-specific solution for the manufacturing industry. Say hello to the Crate IoT Data Platform for Discrete Manufacturing.

Think the Raspberry Pi is too small to be useful? Forbes describes how Sony installed around 60 Raspberry Pis through its manufacturing facility in Wales and become 30 percent more efficient.

The wireless industry association CTIA and its Internet of Things Cybersecurity Certification Program gave the seal of approval to its first IoT device: the Harman Spark. The new aftermarket telematics device provides diagnostics, location, roadside assistance, and emergency crash alerts. Currently it’s available only through AT&T. How did Harman get into IoT? Probably because it became a wholly-owned Samsung subsidiary in 2017.

Speaking of associations, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced the release of its CSA IoT Controls Framework. Developers using the framework will make more secure devices by design.

Speaking of security, Mocana, maker of on-device cybersecurity systems for IoT like in-flight entertainment consoles and medical devices, received $15 million in new funding from Sway Ventures.

ElectronicDesign details how Wind River software helps power the Industrial IoT.

Will we really all own 15 connected devices in 2030? Martech Advisor thinks so and makes a good case for a content management system to help with IoT.

The SXSW conference in Austin was the setting for the release of the first IoT-enabled smart tampon dispenser, Hooha. The Hooha was developed by experience agency Huge along with The Female Quotient.

Project of the week from our friends at an indoor air quality monitor.