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ICYMI Through June 8, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 06/15/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Those jonesing for live sports to dominate the airwaves once again should be happy to hear the NBA has formally approved a way to restart the season next month. 22 teams will play eight “regular season” games starting on July 31 and start the playoffs afterwards. All games are scheduled on the Disney campus near Orlando, Florida. No home games, but lots of TV. Before drafting your fantasy team, catch up on these interesting newsbits that snuck by this week.

Smart (IoT) meters can save energy. If you’re in that business, the Andhra government in India did a pilot and found that an IoT power control device costing Rs 10,000 ($133) resulted in average savings of Rs 80,000 ($1,060).

Next time you go to DisneyWorld check out the IoT-based MagicBands wearable bracelets. Short-range touchpoints work with the small antenna and radio device in the bracelet to manipulate objects like some cannons in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction (they shoot noise and smoke, not cannonballs).

The W3C has a better name for the Internet of Things than most. They call it the “Web of Things,” and the WoT Interest Group is trying to reduce the fragmentation of the IoT world with a Web-based layer of abstraction. The group’s Main Wiki page gives some good info.

The bloom is fading on the autonomous auto rose. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that self-driving cars would not stop but about a third of crashes. Probably because manufacturers are trying to get the cars to drive like people.

It’s a bit of an informercial, but AZO Sensors offers us, “An Overview of Sensors for the Internet of Medical Things.” Yep, these are now cheap enough to be disposable.

The World Economic Forum calls the IoMT the “Internet of Bodies” and gives some examples. Including handling COVID-19 patients.

And Lantronix tells us how its xPico 250 IoT gateway is being used to support rapid molecular diagnostic testing to fight COVID-19.

Wi-Fi 6 is becoming more and more real. Imagination Technologies launched its IMG IEW400 module that offers integrated RF and baseband for low and battery-powered IoT wearables and more.

And yet another security warning in, “How is the Internet of Things (IoT) Vulnerable?”

So let Security Boulevard explain, “IoT and vendors: How to stay safe.

From our friends at

First, Shane Wighton built a robotic golf club that adjusts the clubface during the swing. It even corrects for hooks and slices. Excellent example of how a little IoT and lots of smarts can do almost anything. Just too fun to ignore.

For your hands-on homework, build the Safe Meeting tool that cuts your videoconferencing visual feed if you forget you’re not wearing pants and stand up.