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ICYMI Through June 6, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 06/14/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

The summer movie season has its first big hit as Top Gun: Maverick makes $550M globally in two weeks thanks to the smallest ever week-to-week decline for a big budget blockbuster. We can once again blame Tom Cruise, modern Hollywood’s version of Dorian Gray, for the lines of young people outside Air Force recruiting offices chanting, “I wanna fly a jet.”

IoT integrator Eurotech shows us how it works with Microsoft Azure to address real-time problems in manufacturing.

From Doha, Qatar, comes a report on how Microsoft Azure helps projects such as a digital twin initiative, smart surveillance, and data security.

Have customers interested in IoT but can’t decide where to start? Forbes offers “13 Ways Any Business Can Start Leveraging IoT.” One has to soothe a pain point.

Across the pond in Wales they’re talking about the future of IoT (mostly 5G).

Newsweek has an article on the critical role IoT plays in fighting climate change. That’s a fight we’re all in, whether we know it or not.

We’re used to articles about poor IoT device security, but GCN warns us ransomware groups are targeting IoT devices. Mayhaps that will speed some security improvements.

Nice timing: MachineDesign offers “4 Tips for Securing Industrial IoT Networks.

The Department of Defense launched a program to capture actionable data from wearables on soldiers. First project is tracking the health of COVID patients.

The International Society of Automation reinforces the need for manufacturers running Industrial IoT to build the right hybrid architecture, especially for Agile projects.

According to Fierce Electronics, the best way to move quickly to ubiquitous IoT is with low power designs.

A Finnish security exec coined an interesting term for when we look back in 20 years at all the IoT devices that can’t be updated: IoT asbestos.

Tech Mahindra and Anritsu worked together to build an IoT lab in California to help manufacturers verify 5G IoT device performance.

Verizon gave up on their own smart home products and now partner with SimpliSafe home security. Free for some customers.

Extreme Networks and Asimily teamed up to address the healthcare market with devices and better management tools.

More IoT 101 explainers, one from the U.K., and one from India.

Sony Semiconductor Israel will partner with Ligado Networks to develop chipsets for Ligado’s 5G mobile satellite network.

Yes, IoT’s range of sensors helps with COVID, smart agriculture, air quality monitoring, and more.

An undergrad at the University of Virginia made the news for studying the environmental effects of IoT.

Finally, Parks Associates offers some best practices for smart spaces.

From our friends at

What better way to spend summer days than flying your own drone around the yard / street / neighborhood? Check out the Drone Month Buyer’s Guide and pick your toy, er, mobile home security device of choice.