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ICYMI through June 3, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 06/10/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

As we segue from spring to summer, spring has turned out to be typical as the Golden State Warriors are favorites to win the NBA Championship, and storms and tornadoes pound middle America from the plain states and flood states downstream. And atypical as California, drought stricken for years, got 33 times more snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains than last year.

IoT is everywhere

Promising to really unleash IoT everywhere, 5G joins the Mile High Club as airlines look to force traveling employees to quit watching bad in-flight movies and work. Or stream your own bad movies via 5G.

Who else loves IoT and 5G? Chinese industry, that’s who. Also AI, robotics, and cloud computing, all of which often get tangled up in IoT as well. Read how “Innovation leapfrogs developmental barriers.”

India has the hots for IoT as much as China. Tata Communications has a new B2B marketplace for plug-and-play IoT.

Don’t forget the Middle East in your IoT fervor. The French University in Egypt will hold the First World Conference on Internet of Things: Applications & Future (ITAF 2019) on October 12-13, 2019.

IoT near at hand

No surprise, various reports like this one from Market Research News shows IoT will continue to grow like those weeds in your lawn.

Our executive-friendly (short sentences, lists) security warning this week comes from Micron Technology. They make the chips inside lots of IoT devices.

The 93,000 customers of Tuya’s smart home and office products will be able to use Microsoft’s Azure cloud in Q3.

What’s holding back consumers from filling homes with IoT devices? Cost, not security, slows their roll, according to research from Clutch

Forbes continues covering IoT with “Seven Things You Need To Know About IIoT In Manufacturing.” You know, like spending is up, analytics matters more than ever, and why IIoT is the hottest area of the market.

AWS users should be happy to see AWS IoT Things Graph move from beta to generally available, and come with a console.

Speaking of Amazon, the Echo Show family has a new addition. Say hello to the Amazon Echo Show 5. The name comes from the 5.5 inch display. Includes HD camera.

Summer means swimming and that means pool maintenance. Arizona State University writes about students designing an IoT-enabled pool gate.

From our friends at

Tired of some cretin stealing the snacks hidden in your cubicle cabinet? Use Arduino to build a door-monitoring app that alerts you via Facebook Messenger (to your phone).