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ICYMI Through June 28, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/02/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Many of us love the Pacific Northwest and revel in the ocean views, mountain peaks, majestic forests, and … blazing heat? It looks like an intern mistakenly swapped the temperature charts for the desert Southwest, putting a Las Vegas-like 115 degree tag on Portland, Oregon. Seattle hitting 111? Lytton, British Columbia, hit 115.9 degrees on Sunday, although they called 46.6 C. Seems cooler until you remember water boils at 100 C.

The IoT Edge module for Linux on Windows (a.k.a. EFLOW) is ready for production, and you can get the lowdown in this Channel 9 video from Microsoft.

No surprise that the McAfee Threats Report: June 2021 shows an increase of new malware threats for IoT devices, mostly from the Moobot family, a Mirai variant.

Qualcomm released seven new IoT chips to power fun things like smart grocery carts.

IoT projects are doing their part to better the environment, says RFID Journal, including, paradoxically, water conservation and flood monitoring.

Smart folks at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Heriot-Watt University, and Nokia Bell Labs, have found a low-cost way for backscatter radio to support 5G-speeds to low-power IoT devices.

Analytics Insight discusses the benefits and barriers to using IoT to improve conditions in developing countries.

The Feds are looking to develop a way to identify potentially dangerous 5G components and IoT devices.

The Defense Department is also expanding research into 5G and IoT as expanded attack surfaces. Pilot projects are running at five military installations around the country.

Across the pond, Vodaphone now offers a new 5G network to test low-latency IoT devices. Or you can check out the IoT full-stack cellular connectivity and cloud management for one pound per month from Pycom and 1NCE.

VentureBeat asks why we drive automatic cars but still have a manual Internet of Things?

Forbes outlines some of the ways IoT can change offices.

When you get to the office, let’s hope your building has implemented an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) system powered by IoT as in this case study.

Here’s a good look at many of the issues surrounding the Internet of Medical Things.

How about an article advocating IoT adoption as a great idea for software development companies?

Goodyear believes IoT belongs inside your tires. A replacement for the Tire Pressure Module would track more than inflation level, adding road temperature, traction, and acceleration. It sends info to your smartphone and the tire maker. Tests on light delivery vehicles start this summer.

Everynet announced its planning to launch a national LoRaWAN IoT network, starting with 40,000 towers owned by Crown Castle.

The smart city development program over at Peachtree Corners welcomed Brodmann17 and its software for autonomous vehicles.

ABI Research says consumer IoT tracking devices will reach sales of 68 million units by 2026. You may never lose track of your keys again.

Some hope IoT can help solve the chip shortage by eliminating supply chain disruption.

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Using TinyML, you can build a pocket-sized device to monitor the health of a COVID patient.