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ICYMI Through June 25, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 06/25/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Although we haven’t seen any IoT-enabled fireworks for July Fourth next week, there’s still time for that news to appear. If you have a lead on some boom-bang-IoT, let us know. Until then, let’s see what happened that deserves a closer look in the world of IoT integration.

Of course we start with security.

One ring to rule them all? Not Token Ring (ask an IT person with some experience). In this case, the “ring” is an IP network, because Ethernet beat out Twinax and Arcnet (ask an IT person with ever more experience). The Fairhair Alliance Specification hopes to organize an IP-based IoT network scheme for commercial buildings. But security, alas, remains an issue. Read all about it in the Fairhair Security White Paper. The alliance name is a Bluetooth-inspired reference to the first king of Norway, Harald Fairhair. This is what we get from Cisco and Siemens and Lutron and more? Was IoT/IP too clear?

A word of advice from The Register: when doing an IoT project think device security first (passwords, encrypted data traffic, and active monitoring) and get all excited about the data second. Then think about data security before you start slinging bytes around, by watching data to and from devices and controlling access to raw and analyzed data properly

Work with consumers? The Internet Society has a nice PDF of Top tips for Internet of Things security and privacy. For those who prefer videos, try #GetIoTSmart.

IoT market keeps growing

Have an executive you need to convince about the value of an IoT project? Speak the language of execs through voices they trust (not IT). Try the new Forbes Insight Report on deriving breakthrough value from IoT.

Forbes also weighs in on How the Internet of Things Impacts Supply Chain.

Do you or your customers use electricity, gas, or water? Check out smart metering.

Into agriculture? Sabeer Bhatia (he launched and sold Hotmail) now focuses on IoT as a way to improve Indian crop yields by at least 10 percent (and sell maybe 280 million units plus the network and data collection and presentation business). And he’s got 300 more possible applications in mind for IoT after that, including an RFID, Bluetooth-enabled smart safety device for campuses now in a pilot project at the University of California at San Diego.

Do you have a contact over at AT&T? Find one if you want to get in on the 2019 expansion of its Low-Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies to support IoT. They call it NarrowBand Internet of Things, or NB-IoT. The existing LTE-M network in the U.S. and Mexico will be “complemented” with the new NB-IoT services.

Free webinar: The Top 5 Opportunities for IoT Integrators Today. Tuesday, June 26, 2018, live in your browser. Sign up even if you’re busy, and get access to the slide deck and recording for on-demand viewing later.