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ICYMI through June 24, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 06/28/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Leave it to Colorado to welcome summer with two feet of snow. Since skiing is a big deal there, most people seem pretty happy about it. And those in the Midwest, from Texas to Indiana, say they would prefer snow to tornadoes if given a vote.

Hot news (it’s officially summer, so ….)

Raspberry Pi 4, an upgrade fans thought was 9-12 months away, just hit the street. Three times faster, four times the memory, Gigabit Ethernet, dual HDMI ports—the list goes on and on. Even more interesting, the price remains $35. Kudos to the Raspberry Pi Foundation for this.

Any readers serve South Asia? The Economic Times reports only 8.7% of homes have a “connected” device, compared to 66% of U.S. homes. Can you say growth opportunity?

A tiny Dutch startup named Nowi launched a small energy-harvesting chip to power IoT devices, as detailed in Sifted, a media site for European innovators. The technical minded who scoffed at the “static electricity motor” in Atlas Shrugged have yet to be convinced, but here’s hoping.

PsiKick, a batteryless IoT system we covered here, just changed its name to Everactive and raised another $30 million in venture capital funding.

Utility companies in Saudi Arabia and the UAE see IoT as critical to growth. In fact, IoT has spawned “the Internet of Energy” because of how intertwined IoT is inside the utility companies.

In a related note, the U.S. Office of Electricity announced a $6.7 million funding opportunity to support R&D in innovative IoT to improve grid resilience.

Want to visit Austin for something other than SXSW? Check out the new 5G Innovation Zone on Samsung’s Austin campus. AT&T is a co-sponsor, and the focus is on manufacturing.

How has Cleveland become the 5G rollout location of choice? Both Verizon and AT&T promise next-gen 50-100x speeds over last-gen 4G LTE networks by the end of the year (Verizon) or early 2020 (AT&T).

Speaking of odd places for IoT, the janitorial and sanitation industry is slow in transforming restrooms with IoT says CleanLink.

Of course, security

We often read negative stories about cybersecurity and IoT, but in Arizona, smart-town Florence is using IoT to improve security of public infrastructure. A long-time partner with Indian firm Subex, Florence has been IoT-friendly for years.

Accenture snapped up Déjà vu Security, an IoT-focused private company in the Seattle area.

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Tired of clicking refresh on your latest genius YouTube almost-viral video creation to see your viewer totals? Let IoT do it for you with this 1970s E Ink YouTube Counter project.