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ICYMI Through June 21, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 06/28/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter who won 11 gold medals in the Olympics and remains the faster man in the world, announced the birth of his twin sons on Father’s Day. With a surname like Bolt, what first names do you choose? His daughter, born in May 2020, is named Olympia Lightning Bolt. His twin sons, birthdate unknown but very recent, are named Saint Leo Bolt, and, yes, he did, Thunder Bolt.

Time for IoT and chill with the new Azure Defender for IoT – THE Demo on Channel 9 from Microsoft. Implement zero trust on your OT environments.

StateTech Magazine from CDW gives a nice overview with, “What is IoT Architecture, and How Does It Enable Smart Cities?” Add this to your education folder, especially if you’re in the local government vertical.

Ectron, maker of edge computers and ruggedized signal conditioners, and self-proclaimed “First Mile IIoT Solution” provider, announced its family of ECT-MAN server-class edge computers, part of the company’s plug-and-play solution for IIoT that provides edge and cloud analytics, is now part of the Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT program.

IAR Systems says its software tools and services enabled IIoT player Advantech to develop its latest remote I/O data acquisitions module, ADAA 6300. If you need an intelligent network node in an IoT project, look them up.

EZ VPN’s IIoT Orchestrator and IOhub, a modular orchestrator and communication runtime that helps you build IIoT apps without writing code, is now available on Siemens Simatic IPC 127E devices.

Inmarsat and Diamond Bulk Carriers, with the help of Nautilus Labs, announced its first Fleet Data Premium customer, tracking IoT-based fuel monitoring and management for cargo ships.

The European Commission released preliminary results of its IoT sector inquiry, calling out security failings of some of the leading tech companies. The push is toward the Digital Markets Act (DMA) which, if adopted, will block “gatekeeper” vendors from adding “walled garden” operating systems, gathering data, implementing insecure default settings, pre-installing services, and more.

Lantronix and its AIoT expertise in the IIoT market helped drive the development of the Guardhat Communicator smart hardhat and augmented reality smart glasses from Youbiquo.

Users of both Wyze Lock and Google Home finally received what customers have been asking about for over a year: the ability to use Google Home and Assistant to unlock your Wyze-enabled door.

Berg Insight says one of the fastest growing smart city apps is air quality monitoring units. Sales should increase to 315,000 units in 2025. Let’s hope we don’t continue to overwork those poor little monitors.

Many IoT projects need to transmit data to an analysis application. Segue alert: Senet’s LoRaWAN network now integrates with SenRa’s Ginjer IoT analytics platform.

Here’s a nice IIoT case study from Decatur, Arkansas, involving the city’s new water treatment plant and SCADA system, which uses thousands of tags, alarms, and a relational database to help treat some 5 million gallons of water a day.

And yet another supply-chain cybersecurity vulnerability.

Read or listen to an interview with Steve Hilton, president of MachNation, about the need for enterprise-grade IoT devices.

How about a deep dive into transforming vibration into usable electricity? Great for IIoT devices in places where changing batteries can be hazardous or just unpleasant.

From our friends at

Developers, don your thinking caps, and enter the challenge to create a proof of concept for the tinyML Foundation and build advanced computer vision apps with low-power machine learning inferencing for edge devices. $3,000 to the 1st place winner.