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ICYMI Through June 20, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 06/27/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Did you send your well-wishes in a card in time for the historic birthday? The 18th was Paul McCartney’s 80th birthday, and in an illustration of how many people must still work to make ends meet during retirement, Paul had to play and sing for people just two days before. He even needed a little help from his friends Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi to finish his job properly.

It appears IoT has been around long enough for the “History of” IoT articles to start showing up.

An IoT startup in Qatar named Subol focuses on monitoring for safety in homes, starting with an internet-connected gas detector for leaks, high temperatures, and humidity conditions.

Speaking of home tech, Parks Associates discusses how video and audio analytics technology in homes and cars will become affordable and how they’ll help users.

RFID Journal discusses global trends for IoT in the consumer electronics market.

Markets can be cruel and leave companies with interesting technology behind in many cases. Fans of Insteon should rejoice the shuttered company rose again with a plan to establish a subscription model.

Another article on one of the most horizontal of IoT verticals: asset tracking, this time focused on transportation.

Another article on IoT security gaps, this one with an eye on voice assistants.

And from Forbes, how to balance cybersecurity and risk management in your IoT projects.

Canonical’s Ubuntu Core 22, an open-source operating system for edge and IoT devices, is now generally available and comes with long-term support. And ZDNet discusses how Ubuntu Core 22 brings real-time processing to Linux IoT, as does VentureBeat.

Fans of GE smart bulbs, purchased by Cync, should be happy now that their entire line of smart home products, including multiple smart bulbs built on the GE model, just launched.

Developers and manufacturers will want to check out the new family of microcontrollers from NXP Semiconductors. The four flavors to choose from are Advanced, Essential, Wireless, and Ultra-Low Power.

Lumin home energy management products, starting in California, will integrate with energy market access provider Leap to offer Lumin Response. Smart homes can interact with their energy provider and automatically lower usage in times of high energy demand to avoid higher rates.

Be warned: Marketing embraced IoT, so “smart” ads will be the price to pay with more targeted marketing, but the asset tracking afterwards is supposed to improve customer service.

Economic disturbances may slow 5G rollouts, but not stop it now that 5G has reached mid-tier phone models and that huge pool of potential users.

Here’s a short article on an interesting new way to harvest energy for IoT devices from the electrical signals surrounding us.

Imagimob announced a way to use tinyML for Sound Event Detection (SED) applications with a Synaptics AI chip. Just like kids, this chip hears everything, whether you want things overheard or not.

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