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ICYMI Through June 14, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 06/21/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Summer starts next week, but the heat arrived early, especially on the Pacific side of the country. We expect Phoenix to be hot (Ed: dry heat, not hot), so 117 degrees on Wednesday isn't terribly shocking. But 105 degrees in Salt Lake City on Tuesday? That's as crazy hot as these scorching newstips, so enjoy.

Popcorn alert: Microsoft's Channel 9 has a new video: Azure IoT Edge monitoring and troubleshooting.

Qualcomm rolled out seven new IoT chips, with baked in features including AI, security, power efficiency, precise location capabilities, and Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and LTE connectivity, depending on the chip.

Utah Tech Labs offers an overview of 5 ways IoT services, along with data science, can help grow a business. Follow that with "Utilizing the Internet of Things for Your Business," from SDX Central.

Ask a home builder or commercial real estate manager about problems caused by water, and you'll get an earful of problem after problem. IoT is an excellent way to deal with those problems, so Eddy Solutions and Comcast's MachineQ teamed up to offer intelligent leak control.

NextNav enhances asset tracking by supporting GPS inside buildings and warehouses. A special purpose acquisition company believes it's worth a billion dollars to take public.

Enterprise Security takes on the never-ending issue of IoT security in large companies.

For our investor readers, the Motley Fool recommends three IoT stocks. Surprise, they looked deeper than Google, Qualcomm, and Amazon for a change.

If you're interested in creating your own IoT device, or custom integrations for a customer, Prescient Devices wants to make it easier.

Silicon Valley-based Skylo and Inmarsat teamed up to make maybe the first commercial narrowband IoT-over-satellite network.

Wireless communications company Iota Communications joined the LoRa Alliance to help implement their products using the licensed 800 MHz spectrum.

The European Union studied the anti-competitive practices of AI-powered voice assistants last year, and issued a preliminary report covering over 200 companies. Surprise, competition is heavily skewed.

Heat in the west (see the intro) means more wildfires. Good thing the Department of Homeland Security just tested four early wildfire detection prototypes in California. Also, cross your fingers for rain.

IoT monitoring and management has reached a point where Energy-Efficiency-as-a-Service (EEaaS) is now real, at least in some KFC and Taco Bell franchises, thanks to Budderfly.

Channel partners in Israel in the asset tracking vertical might contact Digital  Matter, an Australian company now authorized to sell its LoRaWAN-based Yabby Edge asset management platform in Israel.

MultiTech (yep, the early modem makers) have gone full IoT, and just acquired Radio Bridge, a maker of long-range wireless IoT sensors. Do they still have the neat little screwdrivers?

From our friends at

Build a haptic feedback system for deaf parents to help them monitor children, especially infants. A variety of buzzes to a wrist device provides a range of info and alerts.