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ICYMI through July 9, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/11/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

If you’re in the US we hope you enjoyed the fireworks on the Fourth, even though no one sent us notice of IoT-enabled fireworks. Pretty sure we’ll see some next year. But while Americans were looking up at explosions in the sky this week, the IoT world kept marching forward. Here are some bits that marched right by us as we listened to the Liberty Bell March by John Phillip Sousa (yes, the Monty Python theme music).

Deals and markets

Echelon and Wind River have been in the IoT business before the term was coined (or should that be bit-coined?). Both companies changed hands this week as Adesto acquired Echelon and Wind River was pried away from Intel by the equity group TPG Capital. Deals like this show us which markets vendors will target in 6-12 months.

Chinese company Xiaomi will go public this week with a value north of $50 billion say the money experts. Why do we care about a company that makes 70 percent of its revenue from smartphones? Because their IoT products total about $3.5 billion in revenue.

Even if you’re not excited about residential IoT, have lunch with your local realtor anyway (and make them pay). IoT is just one area of technology that residential and commercial real estate companies are rushing to implement.

NETGEAR’s Arlo Technologies IoT-focused home security cameras and alarm systems unit filed for an IPO. The company lists over $100 million in revenue for three months ending in April, 19.5 million registered users, 7.5 million devices shipped, and 60+ million video streams daily.

Where’s the best IoT money? The Industrial IoT. The summary of a new report from Research N Reports tags global IIoT growth at 29+ percent through 2023.

Tech bits

Blockchain fanatics focus primarily on Bitcoin. But many experts believe blockchain will do as much for IoT as for cybercurrency. This “Blockchain for IoT“ article outlines some advantages and the tough road to success of this pairing.

Our Canadian readers may already know this, but the 2018 Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto last month laid out the future of 5G network technology and the IoT. Bottom line? If you’re in IoT but not yet deep into telecom networks, fire up your Google box and start learning. The 5G wave will change IoT in a big way.

In that vein, California-based Electric Imp believes its impCellular program provides out-of-the-box cellular connectivity for devices.

Bakers spend a bunch of money on utilities to keep the ovens hot and the loaves lovely. Read how Dublin’s Bretzel Bakery uses live data from 45 IoT sensors to save 14 percent on utilities.