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ICYMI through July 8, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/15/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Now we hit the looong stretch of summer, between the Fourth of July holiday and Labor Day in early September. No breaks, from work or heat (especially in Anchorage), and no good excuses for another national party. And if you celebrated too hard after the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team victory, we’ll turn the lights down and discuss our missed newsbits quietly.

Far, far away

Got your passport? Thinking of a fall vacation? The 2019 World Internet of Things Exposition will be in Wuxi China starting September 7.

That may be a long way away from you, but not as far away as the 72 satellites to support IoT networking China plans to launch. Should all be in place by the end of 2022.

Making money

RFID Journal offers some help in “Finding Value in IoT Data.”

The Financial Times discusses the problem of powering IoT devices when battery replacements can be tricky and/or expensive.

On the other hand, Binghamton University is working on a disposable biobattery that might usher in the Internet of Disposable Things.

The Sprint IoT Factory just signed up IGEN Networks to help them manage ride-share leased vehicles in the tri-state area around New York. More than just tracking, these systems include ignition control.

Similarly, Brosnan Risk Consultants is equipping their parking lot and mall security vehicles with IoT to keep track of the company’s 3,000 security officers across 38 states. The system also forwards video from vehicle cameras to MerTel’s cloud-based management platform.

EE Times says it’s a two-horse race in long-range IoT networking between LoRaWAN and Narrowband-IoT. Upstarts HaLow (900 MHz Wi-Fi) and Turbo-FSK lag behind. Time to start testing some IoT networks?

Power Magazine says IoT will play a bigger and bigger part in the global power industry. Ah, more power.

IoT for skin care? Yes. Japanese beauty brand Shisedo just released Optune, a system that views your image on your iPhone (no Android version yet) and analyzes those images via AI. The system then instructs a cylindrical appliance loaded with five serum cartridges the exact formula mix for your skin that day. $92 per month.

Oops. Three vulnerabilities were discovered in two ZipaMicro Z-Wave controllers. What do those controllers control? IoT door locks.

From our friends at

Make your own door lock. In fact, make a fancy wireless biometric door lock. Long as you have control of your fingers, you should be safe.