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ICYMI Through July 6, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/13/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

The good news is that July starts the second half of 2020, already voted the Year We Want to Forget. The bad news is the weather keeps making up for the lack of official fireworks with thunderstorms from Texas up through the Midwest all the way to Canada. But we’ll forget all about those as hurricane season ramps up. Maybe some of the IoT newsbits we missed include weather sensors, so let’s catch up.

Microsoft’s Channel 9 has a new episode of the Internet of Things Show on, “Azure Digital Twins Preview New Capabilities.” If you do enterprise IoT work, digital twins is a big deal.

Do you sell or support home routers to connect IoT devices? The new Home Router Security Report 2020 from Franhofer FKIE did a deep dive into the firmware of 127 routers from seven vendors. Summary? “Our results are alarming. There is no router without flaws. 46 routers did not get any security update within the last year. Many routers are affected by hundreds of known vulnerabilities.” Sigh.

Think the security problems are only at home? Security Boulevard asks, “Are Companies Ready for the Risks of IoT?” Many of these issues are well known, but details from a recent Ponemon Institute study add some new issues.

Similarly, Security Magazine discusses, “Protecting Industrial IoT Devices.

Perhaps help is near. Read about the CSA IoT security controls framework.

Forbes explains how IIoT leverages smart objects in, “Connecting the Industrial Internet of Things with Smart AI Objects.”

Of course, there’s an app for that. WISeKey is working with governments and travel organizations to deploy a “COVID-19 Trusted Digital Health Passport” using digital IDs and blockchain.

Can anything improve customer service? Analytics Insight believes IoT has a chance.

Those in the mining business may already know that only 15% of mining companies have reliable connectivity for their IoT-enabled projects.

When selecting an IoT sensor vendor, the chief product officer at Yanzi Networks has a list of “10 Things Your IoT Sensor Provider Should Fulfill.” A bonus #11: Make sure your sensor data belongs to you, not your sensor or cloud provider.

A research team in The Netherlands is working on an interesting way to save IoT device battery power: Time-sensitive Intermittent Computing.

The Houston Chronicle offers up a new overview on how to introduce IoT in your home. Well, not yours, but maybe this will help educate some customers.

Speaking of educating your clients, those who like long and detailed missives will appreciate you sending them this new report from The Economist: “The Internet of Things: Applications for Business.” Calls it “transformative” and non-technical vice presidents love to throw around long words they almost understand.

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Sometimes you need to know who goes there. Using OpenDataCam and more you can “Quantify the World” and ID auto, bike, and foot traffic with IoT and inexpensive AI.