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ICYMI Through July 5, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/12/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Underdog fans should be thrilled with the NBA Finals starting this week: the Phoenix Suns have never won a title, and the Milwaukee Bucks last held up the trophy in 1971. TV networks are less excited, since smaller market teams mean smaller audience numbers. Phoenix is the 11th largest TV market, but Milwaukee is #35. But these newstips are all market leaders, so enjoy.

Microsoft’s Channel 9 shows how to use a cloud workflow to collect and monitor log files from IoT devices.

A good look from across the pond at those creating a long-term vision for IoT and the networks to support all your devices.

Here’s a brief article from Analytics Insight about IoT systems used in asset tracking.

IoT projects in AgTech have highlighted excellent opportunities. The Tribune in North India outlines IoT advantages for farmers there.

A critical use for Industrial IoT? Predictive analytics to ensure resilience in the electric grid thanks to IoT sensors.

At the University of Sydney, one professor applies IoT expertise to remote touch. A robotic hand is an IoT device, right?

Datamation takes a look at the IoT cloud market.

VentureBeat believes in wireless charging for IoT devices to the point of recommending WiGL’s ability to harvest energy from wireless broadcasted signals.

Still hankering for stock tips? InvestorPlace has seven IoT stocks they think will zoom up, and they’re not the usual suspects.

Upstate South Carolina’s IoT developers and vendors get some ink.

Those who build their own IoT devices may learn some things from this pinout diagram and other details of the new IoTa prototyping platform.

IT Business Edge compares the “Top Edge Computing Companies of 2021.”

A detailed look at IoT security from Semiconductor Engineering.

Here are some interesting highlights in The Guardian’s Nigerian edition of a webinar organized by IoT Africa Networks Limited on improving air quality with IoT.

If you need an introductory article on IIoT, here’s a good one.

Senet and ADTRAN are working together to deliver carrier-grade LoRaWAN connectivity for enterprises.

From our friends at

Have some free time this summer and want to build a few IoT projects that can help fight climate change? ran a “Challenge Climate Change” contest for best proof of concept in two classes: Best Battery Powered PoC, and Best Line Powered PoC. The top three projects in each category are described and include full instructions.