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ICYMI Through July 30, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/08/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

IoT news isn’t just an American pastime—the whole world is going IoCrazy. So we’ll catch up to a few stories we missed that happened “across the ponds” and some dollar-oriented news closer to home.

News from afar

Business Matters magazine in the U.K. says it straight up: “The scope for innovation through IoT is simply too great to ignore.” Somehow, it reads inside your head with a British accent, making it sound even smarter.

British chip designer ARM Holdings Plc, now owned by SoftBank Group Corp., the Japanese conglomerate long intertwined with new technology, just bought Treasure Data Inc., of Mountain View, Calif. Whew, three continents in one deal. Treasure is big in marketing on one hand and IoT data analysis on the other.

Softbank also partnered with the Dublin City Council as its first European Internet of Things collaborator.

The Watford Observer (you know, the one in Herefordshire, northeast of London) is using IoT for parking lot monitoring. Magnetometers at parking lot entrances will track vehicles coming and going. Taxis will carry fobs that track their locations. Everything will feed phone apps.

In a deal that didn’t work, Qualcomm (bunches of chips for phones and IoT etc.) couldn’t convince Chinese regulators to bless its deal to buy NXP Semiconductors. That would have given Qualcomm major products in areas outside telephony, including Industrial IoT.

Hitachi reported nearly a billion bucks in first quarter profit, largely because of its growing IoT business.

IoT rings the cash register bell

Do you trust coworkers to pay using the honor system for the snacks they gobble? Neither does Byte Labs, according to Forbes. They developed an IoT-enabled glass front fridge (fancy name for cooler). Clever move into what Forbes is calling the Direct to Consumer in Office (DTCO) model. Who has cash for the honor jar, anyway?

Think insurance is dull? That industry got into IoT two decades ago, a claim even the most brazen resume-padder wouldn’t make. Any usage-based auto insurance (UBI)  policies will use IoT to track mileage and location. IoT monitoring helps the insurance companies with what is called “exposure management.” The more insurers know what is really happening in a company, the better they can insure it. says “IoT Is Here.”

Are you in agribusiness? If so, you may already know about the Precision Agriculture Connectivity Act, passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. Big bucks await those in farm-focused IoT, drones, and rural broadband.