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ICYMI through July 29, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/05/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Seems like everyone goes to Las Vegas for a convention at least once every two years. If you’re there now or going in the next couple of weeks, there will be millions of other tourists in your way. Relax, not the entire state of Kansas, just grasshoppers. Millions of grasshoppers in swarms so large they show up on weather radar. A wet winter and spring and a northern migration mean the prehistoric bugs are in town for a few weeks. Relax, they don’t bite or sting, but the swarms are annoying.

For the civilians

What are your customers reading? In the Houston Chronicle, the Better Business Bureau weighs in on IoT convenience and risk. Nothing really new here, although the BBB offers itself as a source for help finding cybersecurity companies.

Time Magazine wonders what smart homes will look like in 10 years. Spoiler alert: full of IoT, especially if you consider robots as IoT.

Lost wallets, keys, bags, and other items add up to about $47 billion each year, says Tile. The IoT-based hardware trackers Tile makes scored a big VC win with another $45 million Series C funding.

Security, tech, and government tech

RFID Journal analyzes IoT heel-dragging in companies generally and the two impediments keeping IoT from making much bigger noise in industrial companies specifically.

Au contraire says the Information Services Group , whose new report points to increased IoT activity, especially in manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare.

To help train more people, CertNexus and the IoT Community announced a partnership to more quickly bridge the rapidly expanding IoT skills gap. Promised to be vendor-neutral and widely available.

Waiting for satellite service to jump-start that IoT project? Wait no more. Turns out Iridium Communications filled out its satellite network earlier this year and the stock price is up almost 40 percent, says the Motley Fool.

Know who is big on IoT and LoRaWAN low-powered networking? The Army Research Laboratory. Tests included ARL-developed tools and commercial equipment built for more peaceful smart-city uses.

Security knows no borders. A massive DDoS attack last March and April against an entertainment company in the U.S. used over 400,000 launch points. The majority were IoT devices in Brazil, according to GovInfo Security.

Georgia Tech held a conference to investigate the relationship between IoT and sustainability. TL;DR IoT can really help when applied.

Yes, IoT security has become a geo-political talking point. If you’re nervous about U.S. companies gathering so much of your personal information, how about when foreign governments grab your data bits?

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Build an urban noise and air pollution monitoring station. The lungs you save may be your own.