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ICYMI Through July 27, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/04/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Welcome to hurricane season. Houston got slammed on Sunday by Hurricane Hanna, as did the surrounding areas in the Gulf Coast. Hawaii, far far away from the Gulf Coast, had a close call with Hurricane Douglas. Luckily, the storm veered north so it wasn’t a direct hit. But a direct hit of missed newsbits is below, so let’s catch up.

Verizon and Microsoft partners could get a boost as Verizon’s ThinkSpace IoT platform and its Critical Asset Sensor devices are now integrated into Microsoft Azure.

Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 goes serverless for the next generation of IIoT analytics. Pay as you go pricing. Servers spin up only when needed.

Avnet rolled out a new MaaXBoard Mini single-board computer powered by NXP’s iMX 8M Mini processor. Available now in America, Europe, and China.

Forbes explains, “Why Big Money is Already Pouring into Edge Computing,” and how that’s helped people working remotely in the last few months. The push out to the edge will help IoT players in a big way too.

Also “edgy” is the new Wipro 5G Edge Services Solutions Suite. Uses IBM TRIRIGA and IBM Edge Application Manager.

Built on DigiCert ONE, new features in DigiCert IoT Device Manager focus on helping telecommunications providers safely deploy 5G network services and devices.

With a name like GovInfo Security, you know the articles will make you nervous. This story about large-scale IIoT failures references a Lloyd’s Register Foundation report saying there has been no large-scale systemic IIoT failures yet. Yet. They say, “Assume failure is possible.”

If you’re in the IIoT space, you might be aggravated at how quickly computer-based systems become obsolete. Industrial systems are built to last decades, while some tech seems designed for only months of sales before they drop from the catalog. Bosch Sensortec just promised a full decade of availability for its BMI090L Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), BMA490L accelerometer, and BMP390L barometric pressure sensor. suggests something new to worry about: The Internet of Forgotten Things. FYI: more security holes from devices you no longer track, often from orphaned projects.

Hampton Products just launched new Wi-Fi connected LED lighting and single-outlet smart plugs. No hub needed, just an app or smart speaker. Available only through Best Buy right now.

One area IoT isn’t revolutionizing? Trade finance, the industry that funds international trade. The London Institute of Banking & Finance explains the delay.

CMS wire gets a nod for this excellent, TV-inspired title: Explaining IoT to a 5th Grader. Hide the title when you give it to prospects.

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Once the hurricane clouds clear, how about some star gazing? Maybe catch that NeoWise comet? Hackster tells you how to use FPGA Based Astronomy to get those images.