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ICYMI Through July 26, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/04/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

The Tokyo 2020+1 Olympics are in full swing, and with the 2020 tag, you know things are weird. The USA men’s basketball team, stocked with stars like Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard, snapped a 25-game Olympic winning streak by losing to France, 83-76. Seems all the All-Star foreign players are playing for their home teams, like Rudy Gobert for France and Luca Doncic for Slovenia (48 points, 11 rebounds, five assists, and three blocks). Team USA is still the favorite this year, but other countries may have missed that email.

The Internet of Things Show on Microsoft’s Channel 9 dives into Elastacloud’s Azure Digital Twins lifecycle management process.

Developers have choices in IoT development platforms, and Analytics Insight offers their top five. They also offer up a primer on IoT advantages and disadvantages.

Blockchain fans believe IoT needs blockchain, and here’s another article listing why. Some, including Vint Cerf, disagree.

ZunRoof in India uses Wi-Fi and IoT to manage their entire system, including 11 smart devices across lighting, security, control, and purifiers.

A little IoT security vocab from Security Boulevard.

Here’s some comfort for the olds: a small city newspaper with useful information, this time on smart cities. If you don’t know, Texarkana straddles the Texas-Arkansas border, with state lines drawn on some streets.

RFID Journal discusses the upsurge for RFID, IoT, and similar tech during the pandemic.

Forbes checks back in with 11 emerging business opportunities in IoT.

Those in the smart building vertical may already know, but Johnson Controls announced its next generation IQ Panel 4 with a powerful Qualcomm processor and support for many of the major wireless connectivity players.

Xiaomi got plenty of bad phone PR, but on the other hand, they’re growing and growing in multiple IoT markets.

Senet expanded its public LoRaWAN network all over the Tampa Bay metro area, so local IoT integrators have some new options to explore.

San Diego hopes IoT can help improve traffic congestion in southern California. That’s a big ask, but if enough people leave SoCal, maybe IoT can take credit for the improved traffic.

VentureBeat discusses the fact that moving more intelligence to the edge, like AI processing for IoT, also increases your security risks.

The Spanish government launched a private-public technology fund with up to 4 billion Euros to help IoT, big data, AI, and more.

Radix IoT released its Mango Series 4 platform, with improved capacity and analytic efficiency for OEMs servicing large-scale institutional users.

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Hate to waste water? Good for you, and you may want to build this running faucet alarm.