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ICYMI Through July 25, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 08/01/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Can you feel the crisp fall football weather? No, you say, it’s 187 degrees outside and dry trees are whistling for dogs! But all the NFL training camps have started, and more exciting for many, Fantasy Football fever is as hot as the temperature.

Parks Associates says home energy management will help control energy-consuming products, which makes sense. Do you trust your electricity provider to control your home’s air conditioning?

Banking CIO claims that the IoT is disrupting the industry, but details are light. Links to other articles provide more detailed information.

Italian forests are getting special sensors to detect combustion gases in time to stop a full-fledged forest fire. Vodaphone and Extreme E partnered to play Smokey Bear.

5G promised a wide range of robotic improvements, and T-Mobile and Sarcos Robotics have a pilot with the Guardian XT remote-controlled system that uses T-Mobile’s 5G network for remote viewing and teleoperation.

Here’s another look at 5G and the IoT, this time from TechBullion.

This week’s “What is IoT?” guide comes from eWeek. It’s more complete than most and was written by the author of one of the early IoT books, so accuracy is guaranteed.

Next up is an overview of AIoT with plenty of details for those new to how artificial intelligence and IoT works together. has a good roundup of IoT Global Job Listings. Biggest percentage of jobs at 30% are for engineers, followed by automation experts, then software and developer.

Let’s hope some of those jobs are for companies that can address sustainability with the IoT for SMBs, like the World Economic Forum details.

MachineQ released a new version of its low-power wide-area-network (LP-WAN) platform, but Fierce Wireless notes that edge compute and private wireless are getting more exciting as well.

The buildings in Ireland are getting smarter with the IoT, while in India, here’s an update how the IoT enables Indian homes to leverage new innovations.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warned about IoT privacy issues in connected cars. This even addresses data stored at dealerships.

Wearables can monitor a wide range of health indicators on seniors in care facilities. In France, the Domitys management group controlling multiple senior residences has a new program with partners Life Plus and the Actility ThingPark Enterprise IoT platform.

The Industrial IoT started early and continues to grow, such as by improving injection molding.

Soracom’s Partner Space IoT ecosystem has two new members: AI Dynamics and ThingsMatrix, both helping with machine learning (ML) and AI.

From our friends at

Tired of people messing with the things on your desk? This project may be a bit expensive and advanced, but once you wire up a talking Terminator T-800 skull to recognize stapler thieves and tell them to “Prepare to be terminated,” you’ll win the Cool Cubicle award for the year.