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ICYMI Through July 20, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/27/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

In a year of nothing but curveballs, we may actually get some official ones soon. Last week we were hopeful but this week we’re confident. Major League Baseball’s long-delayed opening is set for July 23rd and 24th. First things first: have you picked your fantasy team? If you missed some newsbits while researching your roster, catch up now.

Agriculture doesn’t get the credit it deserves as an IoT early adopter. Maybe the new alliance between Microsoft and Land O’Lakes to spread IoT all over 150 million acres of cropland will raise the cow profile. More cowbell?

Microsoft’s Channel 9 has a new episode of the Internet of Things Show: Microsoft Rocket for democratizing Live Video Analytics. No cowbell.

Ectron’s ruggedized signal conditioners, amplifiers, and thermocouple calibrators are now in the Microsoft Azure Certified for Internet of Things (IoT) program.

BehrTech launched MYTHINGS Central 3.0. Now manage your MIOTY low-power networks via Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Cumulocity.

IoT devices are everywhere, including the mining business. But new research by Immarsat found only 15% of organizations have reliable IoT connections. On the plus side, only 2% of mining companies had deployed at least one IoT project as of 2018 and it’s now 65%. Many of those are general projects, like vehicle tracking, so the mining market remains wide open.

Getting deeper into IoT, Rackspace and Microshare have a new global alliance for IoT. Uses included contact tracing, occupancy monitoring, and other smart building projects.

How are IoT connections doing as Internet use soars during the pandemic? Here are some thoughts from the American Action Forum on IoT and broadband.

RSA digs into “Managing Digital Risk in a New Age of Internet of Things.”

IoT companies in the consumer market have spotty security and privacy records. That’s one reason why the European Commission launched an antitrust inquiry into the consumer IoT business. It will be summer 2022 at the earliest that final results will be disclosed, so companies have plenty of time to improve. Major targets include Siri and Alexa. One goal of the probe is to see if giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google are locking users into a single ecosystem.

Not wanting to be left out even after Brexit, the U.K. put forth “Proposals for regulating consumer smart product cyber security – call for views.”

The App Association represents more than 5,000 app makers in the mobile device world. Read about IoT standards from an app point of view.

You can now get the Ordr Systems Control Engine, which helps secure unmanaged IoT devices, through the Check Point Global Price List.

Ever wonder about the state of IoT in Ukraine? The Kyiv Post responds.

Are Chinese manufacturers leading the smart appliance race? Here’s six companies running hard.

Another entry in our, “The Internet of X” file: Virtual laboratories powered by IoT, or the IoL.

Can IoT keep you cooler during the summer? Yes, says ACHR News discussing IoT and HVAC equipment.

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Would you like to control your home devices with a wave of your hand? Check out the ShAIdes 2.0 transparent UI for the real world update.