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ICYMI through July 2, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/10/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

As cubicle dwellers take this week off, or failing that, sneak out early at every chance, the IoT world is little different. However, there’s so much news globally that an American holiday doesn’t stop the flood. And besides, how hard are most Americans really working this week when the boss calls in from an “offsite meeting” and we hear kids splashing in the pool?

Management may not take work seriously, but IoT Playbook does, so here’s some news. We’ll even (pretend to - editor) monitor things on the Fourth.

Ka-ching sounds

Those in the POS (Point of Sale) world should dig a little deeper into the world of IoT. The Mercator Advisory Group believes IoT will unlock new economic value. Hint: there are three ways to think of IoT devices in POS: triggers (new transactions), collectors (gather data for later use), and channels (value delivery).

Indian telcos have seen data and voice tariffs drop, so they now focus on IoT for growth. In fact, Indian firm Reliance Industries (RIL) bought U.S. telecom software firm Radisys because of its IoT expertise and the coming wave of 5G networks.

When you hear the word IoT do you think first of legal liabilities? Lawyers do. Soon the ambulance chaser jokes will become data breach chaser chokes.

Need to make money to pay those lawyer fees? Maybe you should read what The Motley Fool has to say about investing in IoT.

The accountants at Deloitte (CFOs just looked up) outline Five Vectors of Progress in IoT which tell companies to increase the IoT budget.

If you build it . . .

You should include IoT in your plans. Those in the brick-and-mortar world might like to read what Temboo is doing to bake IoT into new commercial construction.

5G networks may be a bit amorphous now, but real world deployments are underway. If you’re in Hawaii, you may already know about House Bill 2651, which gives a big boost to 5G network deployments by loosening restrictions on small cell facility deployments.

Microsoft’s Azure IoT Edge is now generally available, says this video about zero-touch deployment.

If China is a leading indicator for IoT, as many claim it is, then the news that 3 Hong Kong (telecom) and Alibaba (huge ecommerce and much more) just signed an agreement to promote Hong Kong’s development as a smart city should raise some eyebrows.

Marian Kost of Disruptive Technologies believes we should stop calling it the Internet of Things and start calling it the Internet of Systems. See if he persuades you.