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ICYMI through July 16, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/23/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Enjoying the pool? Enjoying the beach? Nah, we’re all working too much and worrying even more. If only we had some magic technology that could monitor our life’s busy aggravation points and report when things need attention. For instance, a residential tool that watches your sewer line and alerts you BEFORE everything backs up and makes the giant mess some of us have been cleaning up lately. If that happens, it will be an IoT solution (editor – like this device?). While we were searching for that piece of IoT magic, some other news snuck by us, so here’s a recap.

Close to home

Can Apple’s HomeKit move upstream? The folks in the flying saucer-inspired new HQ building have pushed the Home app for plenty of residential connections and are looking for more.

The Small Cell Forum (SCF) meets in Wyoming later this month and will focus on rural and remote applications. One of the biggest reasons for 5G is better IoT connectivity.

Is your city littered with “ride share bikes” around town? How do the vendors track them all? IoT, of course. The city of Wuhan in Central China made their own IoT network to track them. We wonder how all those bike littering companies get so much VC funding.

Sears is set to release the second generation of WallyHome sensor technology to monitor open doors and windows, along with water leaks and the like. Will it monitor Sears’ heartbeat?

Legrand (outlets and switches and more) is betting on IoT for future growth.

Watch carefully

Forbes, the magazine in the bathrooms on the executive floor, tries again to make your bosses more nervous in “Your IoT Is Probably Not A-OK.

If you do get a vacation, and you go to Hawaii, check out Kauai Coffee Company’s plans for the “Internet of Farm”. Hopes are IoT will bump revenues a quarter of a million bucks annually.

China manufacturers face an uphill battle due to the shortage of core software to support the industrial IoT hardware they deploy. Guess what? So do American manufacturers. Everybody ready to sign up for online coding classes?

The European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research, Telecoms, & Energy (ITRE) is getting ready to go all GDPR on IoT. A proposed law to improve cybersecurity will likely be applied to IoT devices.

Nikola Labs received another $1.2 million in funding, but the only story we can find is paywalled.

“The name is T, Io T.” Not on movie screens yet, but an Israeli startup formed by ex-military security folks just received a $12.5 million funding placement. Focus? Helping governments spy on people, primarily through IoT.