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ICYMI through July 15, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/20/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Why does everybody worry about the Ides of March, but nobody cares about the Ides of July? It’s hotter in July, and that makes people cranky. People are outdoors more, bumping into each other. Many are on vacation, which causes more stress than it cures in most cases. Or worse, people are just back to work after vacation, and they’re upset about all the extra work waiting for them. And speaking of things piling up, let’s dig into these Internet of Things newsbits.

World news

IoT devices need a network of some kind to communicate, and a new networking firm just raised $8 million to get into the business. Who? National Narrowband Network Company, tagged NNNCo, The new Australian firm already has customers including the City of Gold coast, Newcastle City Council, and Hunter Water (to monitor water pressure in pipes).

Another Australian startup, Myriota, will provide sensor connectivity for the Australian Space Agency. Is anywhere too far for IoT? Not yet.

Both the stories above are part of the trend followed by ABIresearch about new satellite networks enabling 24 million IoT connections by 2024.

China’s Xiaomi, mostly known for smartphones, just grabbed a stake in chip designer VeriSilicon Holdings. This will let the company design their own chips for IoT devices and other products.

Catch up with Edge Technologies in Amsterdam. They may have the smartest building in the world, and a template for the future.

Brazil decrees a National Plan for Internet of Things (Decree no. 9,854/2019).

It may not be a national decree, but in Germany, Deutsche Telekom and Software AG teamed up to deliver IoT services on a global scale.

Closer to home

Can’t get much closer to home than your house. Coeur d’Alene Idaho has a 461-home development underway with fiber from Intermax to every plot. Why isn’t every city demanding new developments include fiber to the home just like they demand water, sewer, power, etc.?

Forbes Magazine discusses some of the new routers for smart homes built to wrangle more and more IoT devices.

Analyst and consulting groups Frost & Sullivan tagged Enlighted with the 2019 North American New Product Innovation Award for its work in commercial buildings and healthcare facilities.

5G may get some 2.5 GHz spectrum, increasing range and decreasing the number of small cell transceivers needed. That spectrum was set aside for educational broadband back in the 1960s, but little came from it.

Now IoT can go after the pests in your home and yard, thanks to Senet and Woodstream’s new partnership.

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