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ICYMI Through July 13, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/23/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Anyone remember what “normal” feels like? We may get that chance if Major League Baseball throws the first pitch on July 23rd. Leadoff? The New York Yankees, the most loved and loathed team in the game. Now for something we all love: IoT newsbits we missed.

Called the “First IoT Cyber Security Accelerator,” CENSIS, Scotland’s Innovation Center for sensing, imaging, and IoT has chosen four companies to compete for the EDGE awards. Beringer, PolyDigi Tech, Lupovis, and Craft Prospect will be helped, and one will reach the semi-finals of the Scottish EDGE awards with 150,000 pounds of potential funding.

The Scottish government also granted a contract worth up to 1 million pounds to tech innovator iOpt to install IoT real-time monitors in empty social housing stock being prepared for tenants. Temperature, humidity, and more will be constantly measured and reported. Remember this SNL joke?

Have there really been 100 million smart meters deployed by electricity providers? This article on M2M and IoT says yes, and lots of other interesting things.

SmartCone Technologies in Ottawa is working with Conflow Power Canada Energy to develop the technology to power IoT devices from air. “Nano technology” pulls electrons from the air and they pass through a film, get charged, and that powers the device. A wearable may be the first test case.

In Europe, the Future and Emerging Technologies group is working on ways to harness heat and light to power IoT devices.

Linking Cologne and Seattle, 1NCE and Amazon Web Services upped their cooperation by adding the 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite. Free to 1NCE (pronounced ‘once’) customers, it supports the 1NCE IoT Flat Rate devices with low-cost, long-lasting IoT connectivity.

The local newspaper (they still exist, believe it or not) in Houston describes how Phillips 66 is testing 5G and IoT at a Louisiana oil refinery. Accenture and AT&T helped, too.

People who like to get off the grid love wood-pellet fueled heaters. So is it clever or contradictory that Hackaday describes how to add an IoT monitor with an ESP32 board to send error alerts? Low on pellets and other condition alerts are sent to your mobile devices with PushingBox.

Sternum in Tel Aviv announced its real-time embedded protection and IoT device visibility tool guards against critical Ripple20 exploits. The tools will be built into Telit’s xE910 module family.

IoT is officially everywhere, now that MTS Smart Farming sensors can detect disease five days before symptoms and give 15 hours warning before calving. Cows on a dairy farm in Khabarovsk Russia swallow the sensor that stays connected to the cloud. Is the milk IoT certified?

The BSA adds its voice to improving IoT security with a list of 12 guidelines they hope governments follow moving forward.

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