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ICYMI Through July 12, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 07/19/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

There’s a new competition among billionaires, more expensive than the largest yacht contest that was so 2010s. Now they’re challenging each other to see who can get highest. No, not in their custom, air-conditioned tents at Burning Man, but into space. Richard Branson won the first round. Unfortunately, they all plan to come back, although Elon keeps “threatening” to move to Mars.

In this article, Microsoft’s incoming global channel chief, Rodney Clark, makes the case for “The Internet of Things as an Agent of Change.” Lots of partner-centered info.

Newark (an Avnet company) just released its “2021 Global IoT Trends Report.” Mostly colorful graphs, so VPs might read it.

Few assets are more important to track lately than COVID-19 vaccines, and The Hindu reports how Tech Mahindra is using IoT and blockchain to follow the valuable little vials across India.

RFID Journal makes the case that intelligent bathroom vents are kinda IoT, along with other details in Business Monitoring and Automation.

India’s AgriStack proposal to use IoT and more to increase farm production is running into the typical arguments over privacy, security, and personal data ownership.

In Noida, India, a model road will be developed for smart city projects. A “smart pole” every kilometer will act as a router for all devices in that section.

Seattle-based startup WiBiotic combines both inductive charging and magnetic resonance for wireless charging of any drone, robot, or marine vehicles that connect to a landing pad or wall station.

IoT sensors for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, fine dust particles, and volatile organic compounds mounted in an office HVAC system will greatly improve the air quality in offices.

Companies have sped up IoT programs to react to pandemic-related changes in the workplace, but IoT security issues continue to be a sticking point.

Las Vegas is using new tech, including IoT, to transform from Sin City to Smart City.

From Analytics Insight: “5 Predictions for the Future of IoT and Mobile App Integration.” Great, more apps on our phones.

Here’s a look at the Internet of Medical Things.

Unfortunately, IoT wildfire sensors are a growth market.

View makes smart windows for smart buildings, and just bought IoTium, an IoT security company.

Water’s getting more valuable (ask friends in the Southwest), so it makes sense that Geospace Technologies bought Aquana LLC, an advanced IoT-based water leak detection system.

The British Port of Ipswitch started a program of IoT cargo optimization with partners Associated British Ports and British Telecom.

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