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ICYMI through January 7, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 01/15/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

What a fun start to the year: blizzards, mudslides, football playoffs, and the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. Get ready for many stores featuring bizarre gadgets and lots of IoT news from Vegas and for the new phrase “double doink” to catch on. Then the new argument: tipped or not? Speaking of tips, we missed some news tips over the holidays, so let’s catch up.

Leaning over the edge

The folk at Mimik in Vancouver believe that one use of edge devices is to create a distributed cloud. Its lightweight container environment is based on their first product, a home-device network that never gained much traction. There are several more companies trying something similar so maybe one of them will break through and change the edge device market.

Edge computing with Industrial IoT devices helps keep wind power turbines spinning.

Speaking of edge computing, Rose de Fremery makes the case that IoT edge computing results in better security.

Security and more

BlackBerry (yep, that one) tries again to find the spotlight by offering three products to make Internet-connected devices more secure. Tag is BlackBerry Secure.

Wearables and many other IoT devices will benefit from smaller and more flexible batteries. Jenax of South Korea says its J.Flex flexible battery cell will do the job.

Say hello to Envio 360, another new company applying IoT and AI to tracking intermodal shipping containers.

Feeling hands-on? Read how a techie controls an IoT device with a chatbot and create your own.

Have a manufacturing client or three? Maybe they can use the award-winning Smart Torque System to control bolting activities.

IoT really floats the boat for many people, in a literal, not metaphorical, way. 6,000 sensors (like containers) on a cargo vessel need only 64 kbs bandwidth for accurate tracking and monitoring communications.

The need to make predictions must be hardwired into people’s brains. No matter the reason, here’s one overview of what IIoT areas will make plenty of noise in 2019.

Here’s an interesting twist on sensing people and animals so you don’t run over them or something equally unfortunate: don’t use a camera with recognition (privacy issues) but rely on an IoT “life presence” sensor. The folks at Olea Sensor Networks will be giving demos at CES. Runs on all Linux platforms including Raspberry Pi.

Forbes Magazine says venture capital firms are starting to get serious about ensuring the businesses they support are serious about security. ‘Bout time.