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ICYMI through January 6, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 01/20/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Welcome back to the real world. If you’ve had a leisure holiday full of rest and relaxation, please don’t tell that to those who handled everything while you were getting your toenails buffed and painted. And no matter what color your toes, the world is back to work with a bang as CES starts tomorrow and IoT will be all over the show.

If you get thirsty at CES (you will) you can refill your water bottle at a FloWater kiosk using a mobile app powered by Microsoft’s Azure Sphere.

Apple jumps back into CES bigtime (last there in 1992) mostly to push its new Apple HomeKit smart home service.

Mixing the two, Cott launched PureFlo, and IoT-enabled water filtration systems for home and office.

The smorgasbord of smart home standards continues to aggravate some users and dealers. Maybe the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) 2.1 certification will help improve interoperability between devices from different makers.

Speaking of CES, the trade group that runs it is trying to rename the Internet of Things to the “Intelligence of Things.” Almost makes sense, since we can assume part of the “Intelligence” is the ability to support an addressable network presence.

Need a new IoT-enabled door lock? Check out the just announced Array by Hampton Revive Connected Deadbolt.

CUJO AI monitors more than a half a billion connected devices, and that earned the company a praise in the Parks Associates “Smart Home Data Security and Privacy” report. See the presentation at, guess where, CES.

Will this mean more meetings? The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) merged with the Trusted IoT Alliance (TIoTA). Combined, the groups will use the IIC banner.

French company Sigfox jumped up early as a maker of technology for connecting IoT devices, but has been losing ground lately to standards like Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) backed by many telecoms. Another option, LoRa, has been embraced by more than 500 companies. Yet Sigfox says these are less competitor and more overkill for the billion cheap and tiny devices it expects to connect in three years.

New year, new decade, new predictions. This from the Toronto Sun on The Future of IoT.

Software AG Cumulocity IoT won an award as best “Overall Enterprise IoT Platform of the Year” from IoT Breakthrough, a market intelligence firm. Do you agree? Which framework do you prefer?

Samsung promised during a speech at CES 2015 that every Samsung product would be Internet-connected. They plan another speech this year, but we doubt they’ll celebrate that prediction. Instead, Samsung folks will talk about Neon, a new, secretive, AI program. And announce that “a majority” of Samsung devices support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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We know we should recycle, but sometimes . . . However, if you build a robot arm that sorts recycling people will line up with their trash.