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ICYMI Through January 3, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 01/10/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Welcome to 2022, especially for those still stranded in airports (or worse, stuck with in-laws) thanks to the triple-shot of overbooked flights, crew outages caused by COVID, and weather across the upper Midwest and Northeast. At least we're getting the worst of 2022 out of the way first, right? For balance, here's the best of the new year newstips.

At its re:Invent conference, Amazon Web Services announced IoT cybersecurity improvements, pushing the zero-trust security model with machine identities. Two other big deals are IoT ExpressLink cloud service for speeding new IoT devices through DevOps, and IoT Greengrass for patch management at scale.

Wave at the handful of Industrial IoT case studies from Europe courtesy of Datamation.

From Italy, we have a detailed look at anomaly detection in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) using digital twins.

RFID often gets overlooked in the newer, hype-heavy IoT world, but RFID use continues to grow thanks partially to smart inventory management by vendors ahead of the chip shortage and use in asset tracking.

University researchers have developed an IoT-enabled improved safety system for school busses, monitoring vehicle speed, direction changes, and alcohol intake by the driver.

IoT remains a growth technology in the pharmaceutical business, based on the 64% increase in IoT mentions in company filings the second quarter of 2021.

To keep up, the pharmaceutical industry increased IoT-related hiring 16.9%, up from the 13.9% increase last year.

EnterpriseAI looks at the combination of AIoT and edge analytics and how the combo boosts data collection and understanding.

ICT International from Down Under has expanded the use of LoRaWAN to provide more environmental sensor devices to include companies seeking carbon credits based on soil and plant measurements and more.

TinyML keeps getting bigger and bigger, with forecasts of over 2.5 billion TinyML chipset-powered devices in the field by 2030. On-device processing with no latency for the win.

More edge processing speeds results and reduces the traffic back to the cloud, especially important when response time is critical, but that also complicates new network architecture.

Predictions for 2022 still appear, including these seven from InformationAge on hot IoT areas.

Humans weaponize everything eventually, and The Diplomat in the Asia-Pacific explores how China might use IoT in warfare.

Two women from Bhawanipatna, India, developed a solar-powered IoT feed distribution, aeration, and oxygen level sensor to help their local fish farming industry.

From our friends at

Start this project soon, and by spring, you'll have this voice-controlled robotic golf caddy that propels clubs in the air for you to catch. This is guaranteed to be the topic of conversation, shifting the focus away from your triple bogey on the 14th hole.