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ICYMI Through January 24, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 02/01/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Football fans may still be overflowing with endorphins after the best four divisional playoff games in memory. Two games were decided by game-ending field goals and one in overtime. Graybeard quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were served notice by fuzz-faced passers Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Joe Burrow. And the excitement continues with these high-scoring newstips.

Comcast Business now teams with Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) to access its industrial-grade private wireless network. This is part of Comcast Business’s push to connect networks at scale.

If you thought joining the IoT Advisory Board for the Department of Commerce was a good idea but haven’t gotten around to signing up, this is a reminder that the opportunity closes at the end of February. Might as well complain to people who can fix your aggravations, right?

The U.K.-based Intelligent CIO discusses the growth of IoT in Africa as companies there geared up over the past decade to catch the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Asset tracking remains one of the most popular IoT verticals, and Fleet Complete just announced its wired and solar-powered LTE-M asset trackers have been approved for use on FirstNet, the nationwide public-safety broadband network built by AT&T.

The digital transformation of the oilfield is underway to support IoT and more, according to Oilfield Technology.

GISuser explains some of the ways IoT and 5G will work together to provide better “You Are Here” dots on electronic maps, and a few other goodies.

For inside spaces, the “You Are Here” dot may come from PenguinIN, Actility’s subsidiary Abeeway, and their partnership to expand IoT and LoRaWAN use for indoor positioning and navigation.

Electric scooter and bike player Bee Mobile will join the Nodle Network and connect to nearby devices via Bluetooth when possible, rather than the more expensive 4G cellular networks.

Smart city fans will like these examples in Datamation about IoT in Smart Cities.

Those in the home automation vertical, or users of same, will empathize with this smart home improvements wish list in Android Central.

IoT innovation in the medical devices space is slowing, according to the number of patents filed in the three months ending last November. This past year: 155. Year before? 254. Patents granted followed a similar downward slope. Part of the slowdown may be the decreased filings from Johnson & Johnson, maybe kept busy by COVID.

It appears the same IoT innovation slowdown happened in the power and automotive industries as well last year. The mining industry, however, jumped a bit, moving from nine patent filings two years ago to 14 last year.

The EU Commission’s report on its inquiry into the IoT virtual assistant sector warned of high barriers to entry and interoperability issues. Another concern? “Few vertically integrated players,” and access to data.

Xiaomi released its “Cyber Security Baseline for Consumer Internet of Things Device version 2.0“ with guidelines to protect security and user privacy. Its AIoT platform is used by more than 400 million devices.

Electronic Design dives deep into the “plumbing” for IoT.

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Need to track an asset no matter where in the world it goes? This project using the Notecard from Blues Wireless that includes GPS and cellular on one small board will help you make that happen.