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ICYMI through January 21, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 01/28/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

What a “great” way to start a week—a hundred million folks in the Northeast buried under snow, frigid temps across most of the middle of the country, and football. We have enough NFL officiating controversies to keep sports analysts screaming into their microphones for at least two weeks. Who can keep up with all the IoT news in the middle of all this excitement? Nobody, so let’s catch up with some newsbits.

Security (still need more)

As usual, technology outpaces security. The IoT world is no exception, so here’s another “Imperative to Address Security Concerns” to add to the collection. Time to get serious about establishing that “IoT security framework” the article describes.

Perhaps we should stop drooling so much over Smart Cities and demand Smart and Secure Cities instead. IoT will be a major part of that goal.

Get a European perspective on IoT security with this Gemalto study

From Middle East oilfields to honeybees

All types of industrial monitoring benefit from IoT. Next month, the “Internet of Things 2019” conference will be held in Dubai, where IoT oil applications will take center stage. This also means your industrial clients at home need the same types of solutions.

Sure, older businesspeople like to talk trash about millennials, but the young’uns should know we all really love them when the Governor of Connecticut makes 5G and IoT a big part of his first State of the State address.

Kids younger than millennials are tagged Generation Z, a label that shows an amazing lack of foresight on the part of whoever made it up (what’s next, Gen Z2?). Say hello to Shyam Ravi, a teenager in Bengaluru, India, and the wearable he made himself for $20 that includes many Apple Watch functions and also controls smart home IoT devices.

New Civil Engineer outlines how IoT sensors are being used to monitor bridge soundness. Nice to have an early warning system to alert us to problems before they make the news headlines for failing.

Intel should have a happy fourth quarter report, thanks in part to IoT.

Do you feel electric scooters are a boon for the public or a nuisance of unparalleled proportions? Either way, read about the “Micro-Mobility Revolution,” made possible, of course, by IoT.

Indianapolis-area IoT integrator ClearObject just sold a majority stake to two private equity firms. Terms were not disclosed.

New frontiers in IoT: “The Social Behavior of Honeybees Applied to IoT Systems.”