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ICYMI Through January 17, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 01/26/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Who knew the middle of the Pacific Ocean could be so exciting? The Hunga-Tonga-Ha’apai volcano, 1,500 miles northeast from New Zealand and 500 miles east of Fiji, erupted several times last week, spewing ash more than 12 miles high. On the 15th, a massive eruption sent tsunamis, albeit small ones, across the Pacific in all directions. And here’s your tsunami of hot newsbits, but not lava-hot.

Deloitte launched its new Dimension10 Studio, which provides a physical and virtual destination for testing virtual worlds and their enabling technologies, including IoT.

The Australian Antarctic Program packed a research ship to the gunwales with IoT sensors to gather information for weather and climate models. Take 2:12 to watch the scenic video.

ReadWrite highlights some of the ways IoT applications are helping to detect fraud.

UMass Amherst takes an interesting look at how to decide if digital technology, including IoT, benefits us or not.

If you’re a big fan of government meetings, the IoT Advisory Board in the Department of Commerce is looking for stakeholders and experts from industry, academia, and nonprofit organizations to provide advice on IoT. Apply to NIST during February if interested.

Need a new IoT satellite provider option? Look for Mangata Networks to sling a satellite up in 2024.

You might also check out the agreement between Senet, Eutelsat, TrakAssure, and Wyld Networks for their future network linking earth-bound and satellite LoRaWAN networks.

GlobalData predicts wearable tech will lead the consumer IoT market this year and rack up $97.5 billion in revenue.

Tencent Cloud of China announced that its Tencent Cloud company will offer Semtech’s LoRa Edge Geolocation service to its customers. The geolocation service will feed into Tencent Map.

Forbes offers 16 steps for securing corporate and personal IoT networks and platforms. You’ll love #10!

Multiple IoT verticals will benefit from the teamup of floLIVE’s advanced 5G network with Sony Semiconductor Israel’s cellular IoT chipsets and Kigen’s eSIM and iSIM security tools.

Ireland’s Donalto raises its hand to say its low-infrastructure indoor location technologies won a major contract with the European Space Agency to complement global satellite navigation systems like GPS.

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Since millions of us will be snowed in over the next few days, you might want to make a toy or two. If so, this NVIDIA Jetson open-source dinosaur robot may be just the excuse you need to avoid the snow shovel.