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ICYMI Through January 11, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 01/19/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

The NFL must have lost its calendar and still be stuck in 2020, because that’s the best way to explain the Cleveland Browns. The first time in the playoffs in 18 years is weird enough, right? But then they pound the six-time Super Bowl Champs Pittsburgh Steelers 48-37? Bizarre (28-0 in the first quarter) but entertaining, just like some of our newsbits this time.

Tune in to Channel 9 on Microsoft MSDN for “Agentless IoT/OT Security with Azure Defender for IoT.”

Here’s an interesting take on “Simplified Connectivity Approach in IoT“ for developers and integrators. Humans and animals can be considered “being” nodes.

Hotel trends in 2021 include IoT-enabled upgrades like touchless technology and contactless food and beverage.

Help your clients invest in new technologies like IoT and RFID during the downturn, says RFID Journal, and be ahead of competitors when we come out of the recessions.

Readers in India might be able to leverage the newly-announced satellite-based IoT device service from BNSL. Works where cellular mobile towers have yet to reach. U.S.-based firm Skylo partnered. Might be a good combination with the Indian Ministry of Electronics and IT push to increase the number of wearables.

Broadband households are doubling down on networked cameras, says consumer research experts Parks Associates. In 2018, homes had an average of 1.9 cameras but now the number is up to 3.4.

Speaking of home, here’s a roundup of Smart Home device manufacturers that might be helpful in 2021.

If your tech dream is saying, “Computer,” and controlling everything, here are more than 100 voice AI predications for 2021.

Think IoT sensors are small now? Analytics Insight discusses integrating nanotechnology-based sensors with IoT devices. Really cool for healthcare.

Have any accounting or financial firm clients? BBN Times list four ways IoT will affect the accounting profession.

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Why hog all the fun gaming toys? Here’s instructions to build a Toy Spaceship Dashboard and hook your kids while they still think you’re cool (in other words, pre-teen).