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ICYMI Through January 10, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 01/19/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

It appears 2022 is still front-loaded with aggravations. This week, it’s the temperature roller coaster for the Midwest and Northeast. Monday is cold, Tuesday is much colder, then Wednesday we bounce back to normal or above. Remember that “weather knee” your grandfather had? We’ll all have one soon. But sooner than that, we’ll all have these newsbits, all served at the optimum temperature.

Yes, CES, and Intel says its new 12th Gen Intel Core processors (Alder Lake S- and H-series) are enhanced to accelerate IoT applications. High edge computing possibilities with AI and deep learning capabilities.

Amazon Sidewalk, the low-power IoT network using Bluetooth and LoRa radios in Echo and Ring devices, will expand into the commercial IoT realm. Look for the Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro by Ring for farms, factories, and more.

Amazon also announced expansion of joint efforts to extend the 1NCE IoT platform to the global market. Focus is on Amazon Sidewalk as it expands its reach.

Juniper Research predicts smart hospitals will deploy over 7 million Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices by 2026 across the globe.

Quanergy Systems demonstrated a 100% solid-state CMOS lidar sensor at CES, aimed to enable a new wave of low-cost 3D lidar products.

Yet another IoT security warning article, this one aimed at better securing healthcare implementations.

Following in the same vein, the Indian government’s Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) released a report titled, “Code of Practice for Security Consumer Internet of Things (IoT)” as a baseline for security based on global standards and best practices.

Yes, we’re still getting IoT 101 articles, this one from India. It’s a decent intro if you run across customers who still need a decent intro.

If you’re close to Cary, N.C., or are just looking for a reason to visit, you might appreciate the upcoming IoT center where Cary, Semtech, and SAS will demonstrate all manner of smart city applications.

If you need Wi-Fi 6E for IoT or other applications, check out the new EnGenius ECW336 wireless access point. The company’s first 6E access point is built with the Qualcomm Networking Pro 1210 platform.

You want smaller IoT devices? Here’s some news on “Integrating Nanotechnology into the IoT.”

Here are 5 IIoT case studies, so surely one overlaps your practice areas.

Over in Brunei, IoT and a national LoRaWAN network aim to turn water smart, or at least the monitoring of same to predict flooding and more.

From our friends at

Don’t you hate when your significant other parks the Tesla in the garage but forgets to plug it in? You jump in the next day ready to drive here and yon, only to find you can get to yon but don’t have enough charge to get back. Hence this “Tesla Battery Charge Reminder.” If your Tesla is in the garage for 30 minutes but not plugged in, a buzzer reminds you.