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ICYMI Through February 8, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 02/17/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Football’s over until next fall, but old guys on couches all over the world feel better about themselves thanks to Tom Brady winning his seventh Super Bowl at the age of 84, er, 43. Keep that mindset of youth and vigor as those of you in the Northeast shovel the next batch of snow heading your way. Then get hot chocolate and read these newbits.

Avnet and ON Semiconductor are making it easier to develop your own IoT devices for custom solutions. The hardware part gets support from Avnet’s IoTConnect Platform powered by Microsoft IoT Azure.

Is your delivery copilot Big Brother? Amazon drivers may feel that way as the company rolls out AI-enabled cameras to ‘monitor safety,’ and report infractions.

This week’s scary security article on IoT comes from Forbes and pitches security as a ‘daunting challenge.’

Even scarier? The Claroty second Biannual ICS Risk & Vulnerability Report, which shows Industrial Control Systems have seen serious security issues with remote workers as the attack vector, among other pathways. The report discloses 449 ICS vulnerabilities from 59 vendors.

Maybe the new IoT Assistant from Carnegie Mellon University, which provides alerts on close devices based on GPS, can help you find and secure rogue devices. How many Alexa and Google Home systems have users snuck into your client’s offices?

Here’s an update on IoT improvements in elder care and more from VentureBeat.

Automation World offers some details about a more direct device to cloud communications protocol that maintains security.

BBN Times offers up ‘How to Build a Modern Workplace with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.’ Smart appliances and energy savings are among other goodies.

Australian dairy farmers have more time to apply for grants in round two funding to IoT-ify sheep, dairy, and other farms.

Speaking of IoT and animals, Austin, Texas, hosts a famous colony of bats under a major highway bridge. A new, smaller, and smarter animal tracking system made possible by Austin-based Silicon Labs is being tested on those bats now.

Need more foundation on IoT details? Maybe one of the courses described in Solutions Review can help. If you prefer to outsource and you’re in India, this Top 10 list of IoT development companies might give you a starting place.

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Adding Cellular to the Raspberry Pi Pico. Is there anything you can’t do with one or more Raspberry Pi modules?