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ICYMI Through February 28, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 03/07/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Things around the world have been busy lately, but have you noticed there are no spring training stories about your local Major League Baseball team? The collective bargaining agreement, covering multiple details but most importantly player pay, has yet to be renewed. If the sides don’t sign a deal by end of business on Monday, February 28, Opening Day, March 31, a national holiday to baseball fans, will slide later. Don’t worry, sports fanatics, the NBA playoffs start April 16, so there will be something to argue about on sports talk radio no matter what.

Cisco, at this week’s Mobile World Congress event, introduced its IoT Control Center to manage all licensed cellular network activity and revved up its IoT SaaS platform.

This interview with John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco but now the executive chairman and a VC player, comes from Australia. He got pushback in the late 1990s for predicting IoT and says 2022 will be the year IoT really takes off.

A vice president of Tata Communications outlines some ways an “Integrated” IoT platform helps digital transformation for modern enterprises.

RFID Journal offers some “Big Ideas” for IoT with a slant toward cellular data networks and eSIM and iSIM connections in IoT devices.

The differences between star, mash, and Zigbee networking topologies for IoT get an overview in All About Circuits.

Here’s a case study from Ireland on using IoT to better manage a dairy farm. What, you don’t have MyFarmWeb app on your phone already?

Actility will resell IoT devices from Ellenex, an Australian-based manufacturer. They make over 200 LPWAN products, meaning more work for LoRaWAN providers as well. But wait! There’s more! Actility will also work with Abeeway and Traxmate to help customers with LoRaWAN tracking indoors and out.

Vodafone’s U.K. Business Director Nick Gliddon explains why IoT.nxt on Vodophone

will be safer than other options. Yes, a corporate blog entry called news, but still useful.

According to this article in ReadWrite, we have a way to go before IoT is as secure as we need it to be. takes a look at the “Major IoT Trends to Expect in 2022” with a European slant.

Need a bunch of IoT edge gateways and the software to run them? Check out the new partnership with SolidRun and to use redpesk, an all-in-one Linux software platform dedicated to IIoT. 2,500 programs are available already.

A new player from Lake Tahoe, Nev., named iMatrix Systems launched a batch of wireless sensors ranging from cold sensors for food safety to agriculture and building management.

Not surprisingly, groups are working to build IoT sensors and other devices directly into modern packaging.

From our friends at

Some servers provide plenty of monitoring feedback, but not all. If you need to manage some of those taciturn servers, this Raspberry Pi Monitor can help by tracking CPU performance, temperature, and more.