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ICYMI through February 18, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 02/25/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

You know it’s an odd week when it starts with a snow storm in Las Vegas. Yes, the Vegas in Nevada, with all the casinos, in the desert. The first measurable snow in more than a decade, a respectable 3.6 inches, fell Sunday night into Monday morning. Even more bizarre? More snow is expected on Thursday of this week. Everyone was so amazed they missed some interesting IoT news, so let’s get to work.

Soaring ever higher

South Australian startup Fleet Space Technologies now connects about one million IoT devices through four nanosatellites launched last year. Not space IoT devices, but earthbound ones that communicate over the satellite network for $2 per year for 500kB of data per month. They hope to launch another 10 satellites by February 2020.

Another batch of smart Aussies use IoT to manage heavy equipment from Caterpillar at mine locations.

Still Down Under, Telstra (telecom operator) has rolled out more than 200 5G mobile base stations. Over 2,000 new IoT devices per day hop on to some part of the Telstra network.

In Ireland, the XOcean marine technology firm has been awarded funding to transform marine monitoring and data collection by upgrading unmanned technology (robots) with IoT for better fish tracking.

Swiss researchers are building IoT sensors out of wood now. Bye-bye plastic.

Not so far

Closer to home but still somewhat remote, Dell Technologies now offers a new IoT bundle for the maritime and oil and gas industries. The Dell Edge Gateway 5100 captures data from a user’s own sensors, and Arundo Analytics’ Edge Agent software helps makes sense of it all.

So close to home we’re inside, Amazon just gobbled Eero, a mesh networking startup focused on home installations. USA Today wonders if we’ll be comfortable with Amazon controlling everything from the Ring doorbell to the Echo smart speaker to the Amazon Fire TV service. Will your Amazon microwave tell your spouse you cooked a third Hot Pocket in one weekend?

Speaking of Ring, the Ring Neighborhoods Portal makes it easier to share videos of porch pirates and more with police. We all hate having our packages stolen, but Ring has had issues with privacy, so let’s hope the Ring/homeowner/police system doesn’t turn into the Truman Show does Cops.

Update your “IoT will take over the world” file with four predictions for IoT in 2019 from Bain & Co.

Plex’s State of Manufacturing Technology survey found that a third of all manufacturers are planning to jump into the Industrial IoT big time over the next five years.

Boatrax uses IoT for maintenance tracking and maybe renting out boats like an AirBn“Boat” program. Partners include Telit and the xe910 module connecting through the MultiTech SocketModem Cell. If you were at the Miami International Boat Show last week you probably got a demo.

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