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ICYMI through February 17, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 02/24/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

We made it through Valentine’s Day so the next excitement to look forward to is Spring Break in three to five weeks, depending. Whether you fondly remember your college breaks, or you dread your children being out of school for a week, at least it’s something different. And speaking of different things, here’s some interesting newsbits we missed, so let’s ketchup.

Interested in edge computing? Check out Microsoft’s Channel 9 story on “Expanding Azure IoT Central portfolio with IoT Edge.”

IoT and AI are combining to reduce manufacturing head count, says Interesting Engineering.

From a stock-ownership point of view, IoT is helping STMicroelectronics pull out of its slump and beat market expectations. One product line that helps is STM’s new LoRA System On a Chip (SOC). More are coming, since the company filed for 590 additional patents last year.

The Scottsbluff Star Herald describes new efforts to better manage farmland and soil moisture with new sensors and Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN networks.

If you have a field full of cars for sale, you need some IoT help as well. TrueSpot is demonstrating what it calls the first Real Time Location Services platform for car dealers at the NADA 2020 show.

Speaking of vehicles, the transportation division of RLI Insurance Company shook hands with Samsara for IoT sensors and software that manage fleets and industrial operations. Loss prevention tools keep insurance rates down.

Music Think Tank tells how IoT, or in this case IOMusT, is changing the music business from services that track what streaming services are playing on wearables to microphones that plug into mixing boards and automatically adjust the sound in a venue.

Retail jumped early onto the IoT bandwagon, but TotalRetail explains how a new report shows that many retailers are missing the IoT boat. For instance, managers are often so busy looking for exotic inventory projects that they forget savings can be easily had in areas like smart HVAC and intelligent lighting.

Smart cities around the world are attacking waste management problems with IoT projects.

Just in time for the new James Bond film, an Israeli company has built a truck-mounted drone defense system that uses a laser to shoot drones out of the sky. Fun video.

Smart ovens may not seem like a big deal in smart home technology, but NBC News says they use less electricity and heat faster.

Hortau, a big player in AgTech sensors, just released its 1k Extended Range Sensor. The tensiometer measures soil hydration, and the new version eliminates service visits to sensors after installation.

ReFirm Labs has a tool to spot a backdoor in the firmware of surveillance equipment using chips from HiSilicon, a Huawei division.

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Build a solar-powered cellular-networked tide and meteorological station.