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ICYMI through February 11, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 02/18/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

We’re mid-way through February, the shortest and least-loved month thanks to lousy weather. True to form, the Northeast and Great Lakes areas are shivering like crazy again. Even Seattle, usually too hipster to suffer terrible weather, got more snow this past weekend than in the average year. Finally, those knit caps so many bearded guys wear make sense. And, while most of us were agonizing over what to get our main squeeze for Valentine’s Day on Thursday, some Internet of Things news snuck by, so let’s catch up.


Newark element14 surveyed IoT customers across the globe last fall and received 1,042 responses. Security (52 percent) and communication reliability (24 percent) are the top two considerations when developing IoT solutions. Most popular device-to-cloud network connection? Wi-Fi (66 percent) and cellular (31 percent). Single board computers like the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black are the choice of exactly half of all respondents when looking for a foundation for their IoT device.

The new global study “Automotive Internet of Things Market Survey” predicts a booming market for AutoIoT but doesn’t give numbers in the press release. Markets and Markets believes the 2022 total will be nearly $83 billion, the majority in North America. Is there room for integrators in the self-driving smart car and supporting technologies? If you’re a small- to medium-size integrator in the AutoIoT market, please let me know what you’re doing. Details to at your earliest convenience, please.

McKinsey & Company rightly puts IoT market future impact at “trillions of dollars per year,” in a new report, “What separate leaders from laggards in the Internet of Things.” We’re still early on, since less than 30 percent of companies in the report have taken IoT beyond the pilot phase. Of those 300 businesses, about one-sixth have seen significant payoff. Trick? More IoT projects and changing business practices based on what you’re learning from IoT deployments.


LEDs Magazine has a panel at the upcoming Strategies in Light conference in Las Vegas later this month. Topic: how Bluetooth mesh networking factors into connected lighting. Who guessed your light switch would be a network addressable device?

Walgreens is enabling its freezer and refrigerator doors with IoT smarts.

Those in healthcare may already know that Zingbox IoT Guardian has now achieved VMware Ready Status.

Who needs batteries? Maybe not IoT, according to Microwaves & RF magazine in its “Harvest Energy from RF Sources.”

American Machinist, deep into Industrial IoT, outlines “5 Automation Challenges Slowing the Advance of IIoT.”

Get prepared for an onslaught of cellular data IoT news from Mobile World Congress, which takes place late this month in Barcelona. One area of high interest? Virtual SIM cards, with code embedded in the chips, for cellular networks. Deutsche Telekom plans to discuss its nuSIM at the show.

It’s now easier than ever to monitor mining and oil & gas installations using wireless gas detectors and smartphones, says Frost & Sullivan.

Groundwater use can become controversial in some areas. Maybe the new project by IBM Research, The Freshwater Trust, and SweetSense to measure groundwater usage in California’s Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta will clarify matters. Sometimes, IoT can help you reclaim your youth as you play in the mud.