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ICYMI through February 10, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 02/17/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Here we are in the long stretch of winter with at least a month until Spring Break. Even when you’re out of school, the idea of Spring Break helps you through the dark nights and cold weather. Speaking of dark nights, this is your last warning for Valentine’s Day at the end of this week. Plan something special and then catch up on these sweet IoT newsbits.

Intel, Cisco, SAS, and others are highlighted in a story about the “world’s first all-digital hotel.” Read about Fort Worth, Texas-based The Sinclair, Autograph Collection, in Hotel Technology News.

IoT hasn’t come so far that we’re past the introductory articles in major magazines. This time it’s WIRED with “The WIRED Guide to the Internet of Things.”

U.S. Cellular wants us to know it has launched LTE-M on 90% of its cell site. The rest will be complete during the second quarter.

The original cover-the-world satellite service, Iridium Communications, is focusing on IoT with its newest service, CloudConnect. Should be global any day now. Working with AWS for the backend.

VentureBeat covers some Iridium competitors like OneWeb, SpaceX, and Amazon. Oh, and Kineis from France.

If you work with cable modems, ReFirm Labs wants you to know they have an answer for the dreaded “cable haunt” critical vulnerability.

CIO Magazine has some of the top use cases for IoT in manufacturing.

Those in the HVAC world who work with Carrier should get fluent with AWS. The global HVAC and more provider just signed a deal with Amazon to move up to 70% of its 4,000 servers and nearly 1,000 application to AWS and build its data lake on Amazon S3 storage.

Even the International Federation of Accountants are on the IoT bandwagon with “Ten Improvements in Data Quality Provided by the Internet of Things.”

Digital Matter of Australia signed with Senet’s LoRaWAN network to help people keep track of their stuff, as in asset management using sensors, tags, and other wireless technologies.

Phillips Smart Light Bulbs have been taking serious criticism for security holes. Exploits open the bulbs and Zigbee network to hackers via a targeted Wi-Fi attack.

Entrepreneur Magazine pushes wearables as a way to help entrepreneurs supercharge health, energy, and productivity. Do they help make payroll?

In the facilities management biz? Engenuity Systems just released eViewIoT, an IoT platform that provides visibility into an entire building’s control systems. View it all on your Android device or browser.

Sprint and Wirecard shook hands to integrate Wirecard’s unified commerce solutions into Spring’s Curiosity IoT platform.

Ohio hopes to keep election surprises to a minimum by using RFID to track the state’s memory cards, voting machines, and ballot boxes. Project being done by ARK Business Systems.

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Everyone needs a robotic arm, right? Build yours with a Raspberry Pi, an Xbox 360 controller, and Python.