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ICYMI Through February 1, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 02/08/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

February brings snowfall measured in feet to the Northeast, as Winter Storm Orlena dumps wet, clumpy snow globs on the area until early Wednesday morning. Thursday the sun reappears, followed by rain on Friday. Just to make things interesting, freezing temperatures each night will harden the slush to concrete-like strength every night for the next two weeks. On a positive note, you’ll have plenty of time to read these newsbits while snowbound.

Microsoft’s Channel 9 on MSDN dives into ML at the edge in the cloud with Azure Sphere, making your IoT devices smarter than ever.

From the folks at RIoT and WRAL TechWire in Raleigh, N.C., comes a look into some of the many advantages of IoT projects using edge computing.

Walmart bet big on IoT, and Progressive Grocer discusses some of the uses, such as keeping ice cream frozen and milk cold.

Those in the Industrial IoT space should peruse the IIC RFP Toolkit from the Industrial Internet Consortium. Six modules include best practices, project planning, help with vendor selection, and more.

IoT solves many odd problems, but Shenzhan Koala Wisdom Fire Engineering sells a system to track objects dropped from high-rise buildings and identify the starting point. The goal? To “dissuade” residents from throwing objects from high-rise buildings. We never knew that was a problem, but Integrated Media Technology Limited just signed an agreement to acquire 70% equity interest in Shenzhan Koala.

If more workers stay home, will parking remain a problem? Almost certainly, so “How the IoT Can Optimize Smart Parking” from RFID Journal offers help.

Speaking of home, StoneLock GO Biometric Readers now work with Tyco Software House C-CURE 9000 access control systems from Johnson Controls Access Control.

All the way from South Africa comes another look at how IoT solutions used in logistics are progressing.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and its IoT Working Group released IoT Security Controls Framework Version 2.

Water leaks in the home go from an annoying drip to an insurance disaster claim faster than one would think possible. Moen announced Flo to let homeowners monitor, control, and conserve water. For $5 per month, Flo Technologies will pay up to $2,500 of your insurance deductible on claims.

On a longer time horizon, BBN Times has an article on “The Convergence of Internet of Things and Quantum Computing.” Can IoT go from no security to quantum-level encryption anytime soon?

Maybe not a surprise that Campus Technology found the IoT security exposure rate was 14x higher in education than in other industries. Budgets and in-house expertise shortages remain serious problems.

From our friends at

Old enough to lose countless quarters playing Pong? Here’s a DIY 1D Pong Game you can make with an LED strip.