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ICYMI through Feb 3, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 02/17/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

While guys can’t waste any more time talking about point spreads and commercials for the upcoming Super Bowl (congrats, Kansas City), they can now waste time talking about the game and the commercials. Look at those talks not as a waste of time but as a bonding experience. Speaking of bonding experiences, Valentine’s Day is a week from Friday. While you’re on hold getting that nice dinner reservation, here are a few nice IoT newsbits that slipped by to keep you company.

Petroleum industry servicer Petrofac just chose Microsoft’s Azure IoT for its Connected Construction platform to accelerate digital transformation at its project worksites. Two dedicated cloud data centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will focus on supporting customers in the Middle East.

Remote networks you ask? Yes, AgTech has connectivity issues just like the oil business. The Victorian government in Australia just awarded NNNCo a contract to provide IoT connectivity to its On-Farm IoT Trial regions around Maffra, Tatura, Serpentine, and Birchip. The LoRaWAN networks will cover 600 farms and 5,000 square kilometers (about 1,930 square miles).

Not all big networks are rural. The Catalan News has a nice overview of Barcelona’s Smart City projects underway.

Kim Komando on Fox News wrote a good primer on router settings to protect smart home devices.

When we hear “IoT” we tend to think of small devices. Not after reading about how Indian Railways will put RFID tags on 350,000 railway cars. Readers mounted by the tracks can gather info from individual cars as they go past as fast as 182 kilometers per hour (113 mph).

You or a friend always wanted to learn more about IoT? Are you near Albuquerque and the Central New Mexico Community College? Sign up for its first 10 week IoT Bootcamp that starts Feb. 24.

The U.K.’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) released three security measures for smart device manufacturers that it hopes to make mandatory.

Remember the old “joke” about how standards are so wonderful that everyone has their own? RFID Journal describes the work being done on Project CHIP, or Connected Home over IP. Maybe we can fix the old “failure to communicate” problem.

We can’t afford failures of communication with emergencies such as fire safety. Now that industry is jumping on the IoT bandwagon.

Trilliant and MultiTech are working together to deliver easier end-to-end solutions for IIoT and smart city applications. Examples include an IIoT gateway that aggregates data from any sensor, actuator, or smart device.

Video cameras, IP phones, and now IoT devices keep driving up the demands on PoE systems. EnGenius just released two new multi-gigabit PoE++ switches with more power and more speed. Helps expand the reach of PoE-powered IoT devices of all kinds. The two units available now, ECW5212FP & ECW5212, are the first of many switches planned for release in 2020.