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ICYMI through December 9, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 12/16/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Need something to help get you in the holiday spirit? How about some snow? Tuesday evening could see the latest cold front swooping down the Arctic leave a white mess behind from Maine down as far south and west as Texas. Counting today, you have 16 shopping days until Christmas, and you get to fight the weather as an added “bonus.” Let’s catch up with news from the world of IoT and see if anyone has invented a way to lessen the cost, decisions, and inconvenience of holiday shopping.

Microsoft’s Channel9 has an 8-minute video on “Bringing Life to Things with Tata Consultancy Services.” One promise? A seamless customer experience.

Lenovo unveiled the Smart Display, Smart Bulb, and Smart Camera at a launch event in India. The Smart Display is powered by Google Assistant, while the others are part of the Lenovo Smart Home family.

Senet certified the Zenseio LSMP2 – Professional Multi-purpose Telemetry Station – to its LoRaWAN end device marketplace. This could be useful to those in the agricultural and industrial markets.

Those in banking will find “Connected Finances” interesting, as it outlines where IoT helps with issues like fraud prevention and payment security.

Yonomi calls itself “the simple smart home integration platform,” and lets you manage pretty much everything through your smartphone. That “everything” now includes Roombas, which you can schedule to start cleaning while you’re away, so the floors will be cleaner when you get home.

Security Boulevard outlines “Learning From Health Care’s IoT Security Strategy.” Add security at the beginning of the project, buy only secure products, and tighten up security everywhere as a matter of course. You know, the basics.

An Asian security magazine provides an overview of UL’s new five-level security rating: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. They should have added a sixth level, for devices with no security: Swiss Cheese.

Leave it to Forbes Magazine to entangle “Quantum Trends and the Internet of Things.” Is this forward-looking or jumping the shark?

If you’re near the University of Kansas, you might take advantage of the work being done by the School of Engineering when the newly-funded Center for High-Assurance Secure Systems and IoT (CHASSI) gets built.

Resideo Technologies announced the Resideo Home App to help you do more than control blinds and light bulbs. Focusing on infrastructure details like smart water management, energy use (thanks to the existing T Series Smart Thermostats), and security services. A new training and loyalty program called Resideo Pro PERKS starts in January, 2020.

Garmin is getting into the sleep business but luckily not with its car navigation products having to keep people awake. Its wearables side shook hands with app developer Sleeprate to help grab some of the $102 billion (in 2023) sleep aid market.

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The winners of the Voice AI Hardware Challenge were announced and include fun stuff, like voice controls for a glove that can control instruments, to the more serious, like a voice-powered glucose and vital signs monitor. All five winners include complete instructions so you can build them.