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ICYMI Through December 6, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 12/13/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

The India Times looked at predictions for 2022 from Nostradamus, who published a book in 1555 with 942 premonitions going all the way to the year 3797. One of the items for 2022 is that “artificial intelligence may rule the computer with a human interface.” Pretty technical for a guy writing with a goose quill pen in a room lit by candles. But he also predicted these newstips will serve you well, so enjoy.

Packetworx, a Philippines company that provides hardware and software for IoT system integrators, is one of 33 new startups in Project Amplify, started by Microsoft Asia and Accenture.

Datamation looked at 5 IoT Trends to Watch for 2022 (we don’t think they wrote with a goose quill pen). #1 was growing cybersecurity concerns, with 5G creating IoT opportunities as #3. They also looked at Industrial IoT trends, predicting rising popularity of the IIoT digital twin and, of course, the need to improve cybersecurity. predicts the global IoT retail market will reach $182 billion by 2028. That’s a lot of RFID tags, beacons, sensors, and wearables. Or perhaps you prefer the prediction by Analytics Insight of IoT creating a retail volume of $4.03 billion by 2027. Unfortunately, Nostradamus didn’t mention IoT, so we can’t refer to him.

Of course, retailers need some IoT cybersecurity help.

The U.K. government’s push to improve IoT security, the Product Safety and Telecommunications and Infrastructure bill, is now in Parliament, and TechCrunch dug into the proposed legislation.

Nepal is also working on regulating IoT and M2M service providers, spectrum distribution, and data security.

Predictions are that by 2025, China’s $300 billion IoT market volume will be 26.1% of the total global IoT market, according to IDC and

Predictions are one thing but boots on the ground are another. The railroad business hired more people for their IoT projects in November 21, but not quite as many as in October. In the tech industry overall, 33.9% of companies added IoT help in November, higher than any time this year.

The final draft of NIST’s IoT Cybersecurity Guidance for federal agencies came out December 3.

The beverage industry got all excited about IoT to track consumer behavior. If you drink to forget, they won’t.

Budderfly, the energy management folks, integrated its platform with KE2 Therm’s KE2 Evaporator Efficiency refrigeration controller to better monitor and manage your energy-hungry cold storage units.

Those serving the K-12 vertical should enjoy this report on how Joliet, Ill., high schools upgraded their videoconferencing tools. Now blended classes (in-school and at-home students) can participate as if all were local.

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A project to improve edge computing by deploying the Tiny ML framework and the Xilinx Zynq to train a Tiny ML model to do some real work for you.