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ICYMI Through December 19, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 01/03/2023
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Shopping alert: If you’ve been glued to the college football bowl games and ignored your gifting duties, you have less than one week to avoid a potential disaster. Two-day delivery is your friend, but even friends let you down, so hurry. These newsbits, however, will always be here for you.

Microsoft’s Cyber Signals security report confirms what we already knew: Risks to critical infrastructure are on the rise as problems converge on vulnerabilities in IT, IoT, and OT at the same time.

MSSP Alert dove into details from Microsoft’s The Convergence of IT and Operational Technology: Cyber Risks to Critical Infrastructure on the Rise report, as well as a few others on the same topic.

Those of you relying on Google IoT Core services have until August 2023 to move to another service. Inc42 offers help planning and migrating.

Notion (a Comcast company) and Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance started the Smart Home Protection Program, along with Peril Protect LLC, to provide eligible policyholders with Notion 5-Sensor Starter Kits. First focus is water leaks.

Segue alert: Digital Insurance lists multiple industries where insurance companies using IoT pivot to prevention to cut losses and costs. has commentary on how the IoT “Likely Triggers NJ Privacy Violations.”

Interested in which suppliers are big in auto IoT? Just Auto has a list.

Army Technology has a similar list of IoT service providers involved with the Army for the Internet of Military Things. Yes, IoMT also references Medical Things, so be clear in your attributions.

While in the government vertical area, the GAO separates process sensors from the IoT and IIoT. agrees with us that industry and standards organizations need to clearly define the difference.

The Phosphorus xIoT Security Platform added new features to discover and monitor networks for IoT devices tagged by the U.S. Government as significant security risks.

Palo Alto Networks launched Medical IoT Security based on zero trust for the world of digital healthcare.

Interested in NB-IoT? Dataconomy explains quite a bit and compares NB-IoT to LoRa, 5G, and more.

Where does IoT malware come from? The top three locations are the U.S., China, and now India in third place.

Another company, WePower Technologies, enters the race to find the best way to harvest energy to power IoT devices without batteries.

ReadWrite gazes into their crystal ball for “Biggest IoT Trends for Business in 2023.”

ThermoWorks of American Fork, Utah, introduced the NODE Wi-Fi Temperature Monitor that sends alerts when temperatures get out of your acceptable range. Works with your phone or computer.

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Do you or someone you know produce your own yogurt? If so, try out this IoT AI-driven Yogurt Processing and Texture Prediction project and make future smoothies super smooth.